The iPhone XR shows Apple admitting 3D Touch is a failure

Remember 3D Touch? Unless you’re a power iOS user you probably don’t. Or, well, you’d rather not. It’s been clear for some time now that the technology Apple lauded at its 2015

The iPhone X reveals why Tim Cook was so mad about Palm

At the unveiling of Apple's new flagship smartphone yesterday, the iPhone X, CEO Tim Cook said it was something the company's staff had been working on for a decade. The new interface looks fluid and

Making wearables more useful and smart homes less of a chore

Wearables might be set to get a whole lot more useful in future if research being conducted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group is indicative of the direction of travel.

3D Touch Is Apple’s New Secret Weapon

I’m here to praise Apple again. Sorry. I have to do it. It’s not in my contract nor am I paid to do it – imagine if we were! We’d be rich! – but after manhandling the iPh

Raspberry Pi Now Makes A Touchscreen Display So You Can Build Your Own PiPad Pro

So you decided to stick to the Raspberry Pi architecture and have completely eschewed the Orange Pi? Good for you. In honor of your decision I offer a new $60 Raspberry Pi touchscreen that can turn yo

TouchKeys Combines Multi-Touch And Keyboards For Musical Magic

The keyboard was a technological spin on the piano, and in that way really changed the instrument, but the keyboard itself has not really adapted to take advantage of modern tech. But TouchKeys, a new

Apple Patents Battery-Saving Multi-Touch Displays That Don’t Need To Be Active To Work

Apple was granted a patent Tuesday by the USPTO that describes a system for implementing multi-touch in a mobile device even when there the display itself isn't actively showing any images. It's a nea

The Gestures Required To Beat Every Level Of Angry Birds, Visualized In Paper And Ink

When you play Angry Birds, at this point it's likely a completely unconscious, natural gesture; draw back, aim and release. But what if each time you did that, you produced an indelible mark, so that

Ideum’s GestureWorks Platform Will Let Developers Create Complex Gestures For Ultrabook Apps

<a target="_blank" href="">Ideum</a> has built a platform for developers to create complex gestures for apps that can run on 100-inch table top displays or the small screens of Ultrab

Microsoft To Introduce Multi-Touch And Pen Devices Based On Perceptive Pixel Technology

Microsoft plans to offer devices based on Perceptive Pixel technology that uses both pen and touch to create what is equivalent to the human as the user interface. Microsoft General Manager Jeff Ha

HTML5 Smart Board Attempts To Out-Surface The Surface

<a HREF="">Intuilabs</a> is showing off their proof-of-concept HTML5-based multi-touch smartboard in an effort to prove a) that HTML5 is pretty ro

Apple Multi-Touch Appears Ready To Tickle The Desktop

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-198423" title="aab" src="" alt="" />In front of me right now there's an enormous 27-inch screen with an

New OLPC software to support multi-touch

<img src="" /> Good news for <a href="">OLPC users</a>, the software engineering team

iBUYPOWER turns any game into multi touch

<img src="" />iBUYPOWER just announced their <em>MAGIC</em> software, a new interface that's designed to let you play any game using multi

mTouch: An affordable multi-touch web table

<img src="">It's hard out here at <a HREF="">Disrupt</a> for gadget geeks, but we just got lucky.

iBUYPOWER launches new multi-touch notebooks

<img src="" /><a href="">iBUYPOWER </a>just announced the latest in their gaming notebook lineup,

Hey, Lenovo monitors, how's it going? Oh, is that multi-touch I see? Cool, cool.

<img src="" />There really isn't too much to say about these Lenovo monitors. To be honest, I never even knew Lenovo made monitors t

Motorola DROID to be blessed with Android 2.1 in coming update [UPDATED]

When the Nexus One was announced, many folks were questioning Google’s game plan and why it would release such an amazing device shortly after the Motorola DROID’s release. If that wasn&#8

Multi-touch display maker FlatFrog gets $18m in funding – a credible adversary for Surface?

<img src="" />Everyone with eyes in their head can see the bright future of multi-touch displays, but the huge variety of technologi

Why wait for the Nexus One Android OTA update when you can have it now?

Patience is a virtue, but as tech fanatics who lap up the latest in hardware and software, we’ve not enirely familiar with that concept. So when we heard that it could take up to a few days for
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