• HTML5 Smart Board Attempts To Out-Surface The Surface

    Intuilabs is showing off their proof-of-concept HTML5-based multi-touch smartboard in an effort to prove a) that HTML5 is pretty rocking and b) that someday we may all have smart tabletops in our home. To see the big screen in action you can fast forward to about 3 minutes in. Read More

  • Apple Multi-Touch Appears Ready To Tickle The Desktop

    Apple Multi-Touch Appears Ready To Tickle The Desktop

    In front of me right now there’s an enormous 27-inch screen with another 24-inch screen connected to it for use as a second monitor. This massive amount of screen real estate is nice for everything from blogging to watching streaming movies. And yet, I find myself using this set up less and less and instead favor my 15-inch laptop. Why? Simply because I prefer using a multi-touch trackpad… Read More

  • New OLPC software to support multi-touch

    Good news for OLPC users, the software engineering team announced today that they have built in multi-touch support into the next version of the OS. The new OS, code name “Sugar” will be appearing on the new XO-1.75 child notebook. Read More

  • iBUYPOWER turns any game into multi touch

    iBUYPOWER just announced their MAGIC software, a new interface that’s designed to let you play any game using multi touch gestures, not just games that were specifically designed that way. Think about that for a moment, a game like Supreme Commander 2 could be played using multi touch, instead of just being limited to using the keyboard and mouse. Read More

  • mTouch: An affordable multi-touch web table

    It’s hard out here at Disrupt for gadget geeks, but we just got lucky. Merel Technologies is showing off a very cool multi-touch web table that uses gesture recognition, object recognition, and multi-user multi-touch to create a new way to interact with media and kiosk apps. The best thing? It costs $3,200 for the 32-inch model and $4,200 for the 42-incher and they’re available… Read More

  • iBUYPOWER launches new multi-touch notebooks

    iBUYPOWER just announced the latest in their gaming notebook lineup, the Battalion CZ-11. The CZ-11 features a 15 inch screen, as well as the new Intel Core i7 processor. iBUYPOWER has also loaded the CZ-11 with 4GB of RAM, an ATI Radeon 5650, and a 500GB drive. Click through for the press release and more details. Read More

  • Hey, Lenovo monitors, how's it going? Oh, is that multi-touch I see? Cool, cool.

    There really isn’t too much to say about these Lenovo monitors. To be honest, I never even knew Lenovo made monitors till now. Speaking of monitors, I sure would to find one that’s not incredibly expensive, has a 1920×1200 resolution, and has a headphone jack. I’m a diva. Read More

  • Motorola DROID to be blessed with Android 2.1 in coming update [UPDATED]

    When the Nexus One was announced, many folks were questioning Google’s game plan and why it would release such an amazing device shortly after the Motorola DROID’s release. If that wasn’t enough to make some DROID owners envious, the Nexus One received a multitouch update last week which allowed pinch-to-zoom gestures within Google Maps, the Android browser and photo gallery. Read More

  • Multi-touch display maker FlatFrog gets $18m in funding – a credible adversary for Surface?

    Everyone with eyes in their head can see the bright future of multi-touch displays, but the huge variety of technologies out there makes it hard to place a bet. Will capacitive film rule? Or will it be the IR overlay? Or will Microsoft’s foresight in nurturing the Surface project pay off once they reveal their new, flatter display? Well, there’s one more competitor joining the… Read More

  • Why wait for the Nexus One Android OTA update when you can have it now?

    Patience is a virtue, but as tech fanatics who lap up the latest in hardware and software, we’ve not enirely familiar with that concept. So when we heard that it could take up to a few days for the Nexus One Android OTA update, it was a little disheartening. We want it now! And thanks to some clever folks over at Android Forums, we can get it right this moment. It just takes some… Read More

  • Droid, she does have multi-touch, why are you so cruel to Droid?

    Rob at Phandroid found an app that only runs under Android 2.0 with multi-touch. That’s right: the Mororola Droid, not just the German Milestone, has multi-touch. The app you have to grab is Picsay, a photo viewing app, and it’s all right there, front and center. Read More

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