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  • Google Goggles Can Now Read Print Ads. Oh, And Play Freaking Sudoku!

    Of all the mobile applications that Google has come out with in the past couple of years, Google Goggles is definitely one of the coolest. You point your smartphone at any object, and Google attempts to figure out what it is — and it’s actually pretty good at it. And now it’s gaining two pretty interesting features. Well, one interesting and one awesome. The first is the… Read More

  • The Best Of Google Demo Slam

    Back in October, we came across a mysterious site called Google Demo Slam a couple days before it actually launched. It turned out to be a fun site featuring demos of different Google products where you can watch two demos side by side and vote for the best one. Some of the demos are by Google engineers, but anyone can submit their own and vie to become a Google Demo Slam champ. Below are a… Read More

  • Google Goggles Tests Ads Triggered By Your Mobile Camera

    Google Goggles, the search giant’s mobile visual search technology, is getting a new test case: advertisements. Google is working with a number of high-profile brands, including Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile and Delta Airlines to offer “Goggles-enabled” print ads. When users take pictures of these individual ads with Google Goggles on their Android or iPhone, they will be… Read More

  • Almost A Year After It Hit Android, Google Finally Adds Goggles To The iPhone

    One of the biggest downsides of being in the iPhone camp rather than the Android camp is not getting early access to some of the cooler mobile things Google is working on. One of those is Google Goggles, a visual search feature that launched last December for Android. Now, almost a year later, it’s finally here for the iPhone as well. As they’ve announced on their Google Mobile… Read More

  • Will Google Goggles Get Lost In Translation?

    Will Google Goggles Get Lost In Translation?

    In his keynote speech today at the Mobile Web Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed off what could end up being a crucial tool for anyone trying to figure out a menu in a different language or a street sign in a foreign country. Google Goggles, which creates search queries based on images instead of typed-in keywords, will soon start to be able to translate from… Read More

  • Why wait for the Nexus One Android OTA update when you can have it now?

    Patience is a virtue, but as tech fanatics who lap up the latest in hardware and software, we’ve not enirely familiar with that concept. So when we heard that it could take up to a few days for the Nexus One Android OTA update, it was a little disheartening. We want it now! And thanks to some clever folks over at Android Forums, we can get it right this moment. It just takes some… Read More

  • Video: Google Goggles Live In Action

    It’s one thing for Google to talk about how cool its new Goggles service is, and to show it off in staged demo videos — it’s another to see it in action. Our own Jason Kincaid was at Google’s Search Event in Mountain View today and got a chance to get a real world demo of Google Goggles. The service, which is currently an application for Android, is impressive. Watch below: Read More

  • Search By Sight With Google Goggles

    Today, at their Search Event in Mountain View, Google demoed a brand new product set to launch in Google Labs: Google Goggles. Humorous name aside, the product looks to be a huge leap forward in the field of visual search — by which I mean, you point a camera at something and Google figures out what it is. The example that Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra showed on stage involved… Read More