Commercials Put Baby Seals In Jeopardy

The new Yahoo TV commercials may be content free nonsense, but at least they aren’t driving people to violence. I can’t say the same thing for the campaign, which combines nonsense with a jingle that’s driving people crazy in a bad way. Just watch one, you’ll see what I mean. And if you really want to lose it, check out this site which plays the jingle on a never ending loop of insanity.

And the saddest part is, used to have really awesome (albeit sometimes completely sexist) commercials with stripper poles and women with swords.

Some of my favorite Twitter comments on the ads:

xGRANTxLEGACYx: “That commercial makes me want to club baby seals”

ZombieRiot: “I went to & asked “How can I kill everyone in your annoying new commercials?”

kristy: “Uhm…just saw a commercial on TV for HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

cszmansky: “Terrible new commercial: Reminds me of Yahoo’s awful new campaign”

KevSlider: “That commercial I just saw on TV was douche-chillingly bad. “Hey fellas who uses” I DON’T I DON’T”

steverechtman: “’s new commercial is absolutely horrible.”

ChurchesWife: “I just realized how sexist that commercial is. “Ladies, who wants a deal?” Examples are shoes and coupons. Guys get videogames.”

MrAnthony: “I just saw the worst commercial. I feel very embarrassed for them.”

nuttyfruitcakes: “Is it me, or are those new commercials really fucking stupid?”