Credit scoring firms face curbs after landmark EU data protection ruling

Credit scoring companies operating in the European Union could be facing tighter curbs under the bloc’s privacy laws following a ruling issued by the Court of Justice (CJEU) today. The referral

WhatsApp adds support for disappearing voice messages

While today’s bigger news from the world of Meta’s messaging apps was the rollout of end-to-end encryption in Messenger, the company is also bringing another useful feature to its WhatsApp

US senator warns governments are spying on Apple and Google users via push notifications

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has warned in a letter to the Justice Department that unidentified governments are spying on Apple and Google phone users through their push notifications. The letter say

Google gives out offensive notebooks to Black summit attendees

On the inside of the notebook Google gave out at its K&I Black Summit, it reads verbatim, “I was just cotton the moment, but I came back to take your notes.

Mine digs up $30M for its no-code approach to vetting data privacy

Israeli startup Mine made a name for itself a few years ago with a tool designed for consumers to quickly run an audit of their data privacy situation. One scan of your inbox using AI and specifically

UK age assurance guidance for porn sites gives thumbs up to AI age checks, digital ID wallets and more

The U.K.’s Internet regulator has set out draft guidance for how porn sites will need to meet a newly introduced hard legal requirement to prevent children accessing adult content. So, yep, thos

Meta faces $600M competition damages claim in Spain as media owners pursue privacy breach lawsuit

Meta is facing a major legal challenge and damages claim in Spain that argues the adtech giant’s years of failing to have a valid legal basis for processing people’s data for ads under Eur

European consumer groups band together to fight Meta’s self-serving ad-free sub — branding it ‘unfair’ and ‘illegal’

Days after a privacy complaint was lodged against Meta in the European Union over its latest controversial shift of legal basis claimed for processing people’s data for ads, consumer groups acr

Meta’s EU ad-free subscription faces early privacy challenge

Meta’s shiny new bid to circumvent European Union privacy rules — by offering users a false choice between paying it a hefty monthly subscription for ad-free versions of Facebook and Insta

California’s privacy watchdog eyes AI rules with opt-out and access rights

California’s Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) is preparing for its next trick: Putting guardrails on AI. The state privacy regulator, which has an important role in setting rules of the road for

Proton Drive encrypted cloud storage service arrives on Mac

Swiss privacy-focused company Proton has launched its end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) cloud storage service for Mac users, four months after it landed on Windows. Founded some nine years ago, Proton was

Signal details costs of keeping its private messaging service alive

What price privacy? End-to-end encrypted (E2EE) messaging app Signal has put out an interesting overview of the costs required to develop and maintain its pro-privacy systems which shield user data fr

Twitch launches Privacy Center to educate users about their personal data

In the name of transparency and accessibility, Twitch launched its new Privacy Center to educate users, after conducting “extensive research” and finding that many of its users had no idea

EU faces privacy complaint over CSAM microtargeting ads it ran on X

A microtargeted advertising controversy which has implicated European Union lawmakers in privacy-hostile practices banned by laws they had a hand in passing is the subject of a new complaint by privac

Threads now lets users opt out of having their posts appear on Facebook and Instagram

In response to user feedback, Instagram’s Threads will now let users turn off automatic sharing of their Threads posts to other apps, including Instagram and Facebook — a move that had not

Secure messaging app Signal moves a step closer to launching usernames

End-to-end encrypted messaging app, Signal, is getting closer to launching a much anticipated feature that will allow users to share only a username in order to connect with other users, rather than h

Meta’s latest privacy rip-off will test the EU’s mettle for reining in Big Tech

This week Europe was treated to another show of the mutability of tech after Meta, the microtargeting ad empire formerly known as Facebook, announced it would be launching an ad-free subscription &#82

Privacy will die to deliver us the thinking and knowing computer

We’re getting a first proper look at much-hyped Humane’s “AI pin” (whatever that is) on November 9, and personalized AI memory startup Rewind is launching a pendant to track no

Meta to offer ad-free subscription in Europe in bid to keep tracking other users

Meta is to offer an ad-free subscription version of Facebook and Instagram in the European Union, EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland, confirming the core of a report in the WSJ earlier this

Spam is about to get even more terrible

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it's becoming more adept at generating human-like text.
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