Amazon settles with FTC for $25M after ‘flouting’ kids’ privacy and deletion requests

Amazon will pay the FTC a $25 million penalty as well as “overhaul its deletion practices and implement stringent privacy safeguards” to avoid charges of violating the Children’s Onl

TikTok’s lead privacy regulator in Europe takes heat from MEPs

MEPs in the European Parliament had the opportunity of a rare in-person appearance by Ireland’s data protection commissioner, Helen Dixon, to criticize the bloc’s lead privacy regulator fo

Proton launches family subscription plan for privacy app suite starting at $20 per month

Privacy-centric software maker Proton has launched a new family plan starting at $19.99 (€19.99) per month, giving up to six family members access to its entire application suite. The move comes as

Meta ordered to suspend Facebook EU data flows as it’s hit with record €1.2BN privacy fine under GDPR

It’s finally happened: Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has been hit with a formal suspension order requiring it to stop exporting European Union user data to the U.S. for processin

The government can’t seize your data — but it can buy it

Congress needs to ban the government from buying up sensitive geolocation data entirely — not just preventing its seizure.

UK court tosses class-action style health data misuse claim against Google DeepMind

Google has prevailed against another U.K. class-action style privacy lawsuit after a London court dismissed a lawsuit filed last year against the tech giant and its AI division, DeepMind, which had so

Google will disable third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users in Q1 2024

Google’s Privacy Sandbox aims to replace third-party cookies with a more privacy-conscious approach, allowing users to manage their interests and grouping them into cohorts based on similar brow

France’s privacy watchdog eyes protection against data scraping in AI action plan

France’s privacy watchdog, the CNIL, has published an action plan for artificial intelligence which gives a snapshot of where it will be focusing its attention, including on generative AI techno

Major decision on the legality of Facebook’s EU-US data transfers is due to be adopted today

Reminder: Today is the deadline for the Meta’s lead privacy regulator in Europe to adopt a final decision on a nearly decade-long complaint against Facebook’s transfers of personal data fr

Apple’s ATT faces competition probe in Italy

Apple is facing another antitrust investigation in Europe over privacy rules it applies to third-party apps running on its mobile platform which affect their ability to track iOS users in order to tar

Clearview fined again in France for failing to comply with privacy orders

Clearview AI, the U.S. startup that’s attracted notoriety in recent years for a massive privacy violation after it scraped selfies off the internet and used people’s data to build a facial

Europe’s CSAM scanning plan looks unlawful, per leaked legal advice

A legal opinion on a controversial European Union legislative plan set out last May, when the Commission proposed countering child sexual abuse online by applying obligations on platforms to scan for

MWC’s organizer slapped with GDPR fine over biometrics ID checks due diligence

Conferences and other in-person events rushing to impose facial recognition on attendees in Europe without doing the necessary due diligence over data protection risks beware: The organizers of the g

Optery using its new funding to evolve from data broker opt-outs to personal info platform

We can all agree that data brokers are creepy and bad, and that in this age they have feasted upon our personal information like never before. Opting out is hard enough — which is why Optery is ther

Europe’s top court clarifies GDPR compensation and data access rights

The European Union’s top court has handed down a couple of notable rulings today in the arena of data protection. One (Case C-300/21) deals with compensation for breaches of the bloc’s Gen

UK’s antitrust watchdog announces initial review of generative AI

Well that was fast. The U.K.’s competition watchdog has announced an initial review of “AI foundational models”, such as the large language models (LLMs) which underpin OpenAI’

Checks, the AI-powered data protection project incubated in Area 120, officially ‘exits’ to Google

After Google cut all but three of the projects at its in-house incubator Area 120 and shifted it to work on AI projects across Google, one of the legacy efforts — coincidentally also an AI proje

How to ask OpenAI for your personal data to be deleted or not used to train its AIs

Users of ChatGPT in Europe can now use web forms or other means provided by OpenAI to request deletion of their personal data in order to stop the chatbot processing (and producing) information about

ChatGPT resumes service in Italy after adding privacy disclosures and controls

A few days after OpenAI announced a set of privacy controls for its generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, the service has been made available again to users in Italy — resolving (for now) an early reg

Meta says about 10% of its global ad revenue at risk from EU data flows order

Meta’s earning call yesterday was upbeat on better than expected revenue for the quarter. However buried in its disclosures to investors is a stark warning on looming regulatory risk it’s
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