Wikileaks' Julian Assange Now Wanted By Interpol, ‘Hacktivist’ Claims Responsiblity For Denial Of Service Attack

It’s Wednesday, that must mean there’s more Wikileaks news to discuss. And of course there is. Interpol, and by that I don’t mean the band, has placed Julian Assange on its wanted list for “sex crimes.” It all goes back to that alleged incident in Sweden a few months back. If nothing else it’ll make travel slightly more difficult for Assange.

In other news, some joker who claims to be a “hacktivist” has taken credit for that denial of service attack that knocked Wikileaks offline for some time yesterday. I laugh because the idea of taking credit for a denial of service attack in 2010 is right up there with playing peekaboo with your toddler and then telling your friends, “Man, my little guy actually thought I had disappeared for a while there! Fooled him!”

I’m pretty sure that talking parrots can initiate denial of service attacks at this point, so to sit there, chest out, and adopt the posture of “hey, look what I did in the name of FREEDOM~! and HACKTIVISM~!” is nothing short of pathetic.

But feel free to think you’re the second coming of Toussaint L’ouverture, sir.