Morpho Smart Select: New image software selects best shots automatically

Japan-based Morpho announced [JP, PDF] “Morpho Smart Select” today, a piece of software that makes it possible to pick the best shot out of a set of pictures taken with a digital camera. Morpho Smart Select makes the decision based on a number of different factors, including color contrast, position of the object or person in the image, the smile of a person and focus.

The “quality of a smile of a person” is determined by analyzing the angles of the corners of the person’s eyes and mouth. The decision is based on data the company collected from surveys conducted with real persons (who chose the best shots out of a given set of pictures) and fed back into the software.

Morpho Smart Select also makes it possible to fine-tune the decision by letting users select one of seven evaluation modes, for example “pet mode” or “portrait mode”. Its maker says the software stands out because it doesn’t require much processing power and is quick: according to Morpho, cameras built into mobile phones (and have the software installed), for example, need just 100ms to pick the best shot.

In fact, the company already closed some deals with Japanese handset makers, with several cell phones coming with Morpho Smart Select pre-installed to go on sale in summer this year.