Apple fixes bug that undermined iOS privacy feature for years

Apple has fixed a years-old vulnerability in its iPhone and iPad software that undermined a privacy feature since it first debuted. Back in 2020, Apple announced a new feature in iOS 14 that would pre

Orion, from makers of Halide, lets you use an iPad as an external HDMI display

Lux, the makers of popular iPhone photography apps like Halide, Spectre and Skylight, is out today with its latest app: Orion, an app that turns an iPad into an external HDMI display for any camera, v

Apple releases iPadOS 17 with interactive widget support and a redesigned lock screen

Apple’s iPadOS 17 update is now rolling out to all users. The newest version includes a redesigned lock screen with support for widgets, an updated Stage Manager, PDF Autofill support, and the a

Camo releases its Studio app for iPad with support for external gear

Reincubate, the company behind Camo, is releasing Camo Studio for iPad as a free app with support for external mic and camera.

iPhone camera app Obscura releases a new version with iPad support

Obscura, the iPhone camera app for pro users, has released a new major version called Obscura 4 with support for the iPad. It also brings new features, such as dual reticule mode to have different poi

Astropad’s latest is a combo iPad screen protector/Apple Pencil Tip

One thing you can definitely say about Astropad: they didn’t let a good old-fashioned Sherlocking keep them down. Over the years, new Apple features have scorched the earth of many a startup, and wh

Astropad returns with a $120 iPad drawing stand

Last May, Astropad celebrated its two-year anniversary of being Sherlocked with a blog post. “In the first few years of Astropad’s existence,” the startup noted, “we were too dependent on the

Amazon launches its biggest tablet, the $230 Fire Max 11

Amazon launched its biggest tablet today; called the Fire Max 11, it has an 11-inch screen. The company is pricing the device at $229.99 — offering a cheaper option for users than the 10.9-inch iPad

Apple releases first ‘rapid’ security fixes for iPhones, iPads and Macs

Apple on Monday released its first batch of publicly available “rapid security” patches, aimed at quickly fixing security vulnerabilities that are under active exploitation or pose signifi

All new Apple batteries will use 100% recycled cobalt by 2025

There’s a long list of things corporations can do to lessen consumer electronics’ environmental impact. Making systems easier to repair is up there, along with encouraging device recycling and upd

Apple is increasing battery replacement service charges for out-of-warranty devices

Apple is increasing service charges for battery replacement in out-of-warranty iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks starting March 2023. The price rise ranges from $20 to $50 for different kinds of devices. T

Gift Guide: Picking out the right iPad

Back in my day, Apple gave us one iPad, and we had to use it, otherwise we’d go to bed iPad-less. Kids today have all the iPads. There’s an iPad for every mood and every day of the week. Big iPads

Apple’s Freeform aims to be a collaborative whiteboard for everyone

Apple announced its so-called Figma Whiteboard competitor called Freeform at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. The company hasn’t rolled out the idea board app to everyone yet,

Apple earnings see iPhone revenues up, still short of forecast

Sometimes earnings leave you wondering how good is good enough. Take, for example, Apple’s Q4, which finds the iPhone maker beating Wall Street expectations overall but still seeing an extended trad

PayPal rolls out support for passkeys on Apple devices

PayPal is making it easier to log in to its services — if you’re an Apple device user, that is. The payments giant today announced that it’s adding passkeys as a log in method for Pa

Apple unveils new entry-level iPad that looks just like the iPad Pro

Apple released a new version of its entry-level iPad that Apple simply calls “the iPad.” It’s a dramatic refresh as Apple is swapping the familiar design with rounded edges and a home button. In

Apple’s new M2 iPad Pro arrives October 26

Seems we may not be getting a surprise October Apple event, after all. The company just dropped what will, no doubt, be one of its last major hardware updates for the calendar year. The iPad Pro is ge

As Apple’s WeatherKit launches, Dark Sky for iOS to wind down operations by year-end

Bad news for Dark Sky users: The popular weather app Apple acquired in March 2020 now has an official shutdown date. According to a notification appearing on the app’s home screen, Dark Sky will

iPhone theming app ScreenKit gets ready for the iOS 16 Lock Screen with over 100 new widgets

ScreenKit, an iPhone personalization app that’s topped 12 million downloads to date, is ready to embrace the new Lock Screen customization options shipping with the release of iOS 16 on Septembe

Disney+ releases its first AR-enabled short film, ‘Remembering,’ starring Brie Larson

Today is Disney+ Day, and, as part of its perks, the company is offering Disney+ subscribers a new AR experience in conjunction with the short film “Remembering,” starring and produced by
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