Apple’s India iPhone business outpaces individual EU countries, Morgan Stanley says

Apple’s long-term bet on India is beginning to pay dividends. The company’s revenue in India jumped 42% year-on-year in 2023 to $8.7 billion, Morgan Stanley wrote in a note on Friday. The

Apple eyes a foldable iPhone following Vision Pro launch

Last week’s Vision Pro release shed some fascinating light on Apple’s generally top secret development process. A Vanity Fair interview with Tim Cook detailed — in part — what a long a

Government hackers targeted iPhone owners with zero-days, Google says

Government hackers last year exploited three unknown vulnerabilities in Apple’s iPhone operating system to target victims with spyware developed by a European startup, according to Google. On Tu

Here is Apple’s official ‘jailbroken’ iPhone for security researchers

In 2019, Apple announced it would start sending some security researchers a “special” version of the iPhone designed to be used to find vulnerabilities, which could then be reported to Apple so th

Apple’s iOS 18 may be ‘the biggest’ software update in iPhone history, report says

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 software update may be “the biggest” in the company’s history, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. iOS 18 is expected to be announced at Apple&#

Arc’s new iPhone browser wants to be your search companion

The Browser Company launched the Arc’s first iPhone companion app last year, allowing users to save links for consumption on the desktop application later. The startup has now released a new mob

How to activate eSIM on iPhone

Apple has had support for eSIM since the iPhone Xs/XR, but it has gone all in by ditching the physical SIM card slot for iPhones from version 14 and later sold in the U.S. While models sold in other c

iPhone users should turn on Apple’s stolen device protection feature

Apple released a new version of iOS yesterday with a handful of new features, such as collaborative playlists in Apple Music and a new Unity wallpaper for Black History Month. Another interesting new

Half of Apple’s India smartphone shipments are now iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 and its many iterations comprised more than half of Apple’s Q4 smartphone shipments of nearly 2.8 million units in India, Canalys said in its quarterly report. The handset has seen

Google pens letter in support of Oregon right to repair legislation

Google today issued an open letter voicing support of pending Oregon right to repair legislation. The note, penned by Devices and Services Director of Operations Steven Nickel, calls the proposal “a

Alaska Airlines Flight 1282: How could iPhones survive a 16,000-foot drop?

X user Seanathan Bates documented how he had found an iPhone on the side of the road that came from an Alaska Airlines passenger and had seemingly survived the 16,000-foot drop "perfectly intact."

For just $139, this startup turns your iPhone into a BlackBerry-era relic

Clicks Technology is today unveiling the Clicks creator keyboard for the iPhone. It’s less “the future” than an unpleasant glance back to a world we thought we had left behind, in a

Apple adds iPhone 15 and additional M2 Macs to Self Service Repair program

When it launched last April, Self Service Repair marked a shift for Apple. The company’s longtime policy of deferring to in-house “Geniuses” softened, as right-to-repair momentum had bee

Apple says it is not aware anyone using Lockdown Mode got hacked

Last year, Apple launched a special new protection for at-risk users — such as journalists and activists — called Lockdown Mode, designed to limit some regular iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch features

The makers of pro photography app Halide venture into video with Kino, due this February

Lux, the startup and makers of the popular pro photography app Halide and others, is venturing into video. The team today announced its plans to debut a new app, Kino, arriving in roughly two months&#

Apple to finally bring RCS to iPhones

Apple plans to add support for the RCS standard on iOS next year, the iPhone-maker said Thursday in a major reversal that would resolve the widespread issue of compatibility in text messaging between

Apple CEO Tim Cook says AI is a fundamental technology, confirms investments in generative AI

Apple CEO Tim Cook pushed back a bit at the notion that the company was behind in AI on yesterday’s Q4 earnings call with investors, as he highlighted technology developments that Apple had made

India-made iPhones to top 20% of global shipments by 2024, Kuo says

The India-made iPhone is projected to account for 12% to 14% of Apple’s global iPhone shipments in 2023, according to a leading analyst, who further anticipates that the importance of the South

Apple iPhone shipments just had their best quarter in India

Apple just saw its highest-ever quarterly shipments in India in Q3. The numbers come as the country’s overall numbers remain flat. Between July and September, the Cupertino firm shipped more tha

Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event video was shot on iPhone

In tech, “dogfooding” means using your own stuff in the way you intend for your users to, which is helpful to make sure your stuff lives up to your marketing claims. Apple dogfoods in a nu
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