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  • Sanwa Supply Rolls Out Micro Projector For iPhone 4/4S

    Sanwa Supply Rolls Out Micro Projector For iPhone 4/4S

    Japan-based accessory maker Sanwa Supply started selling the 400-PRJ011 [JP] in its online store, a DLP micro projector that slides onto an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. The device comes with a 2,100mAh battery, which takes about five hours to fully charge and provides enough juice for 2.5 hours of projector usage. With the projector function turned off, buyers can also use the device to charge… Read More

  • 400-CAM003: Bike-Friendly Mini DV Camera

    Japan-based Sanwa Supply announced [JP] a mini camera specifically aimed at cyclists. The so-called “Bike Mini DV Camera 400-CAM003” can not only shoot videos and pictures, it also doubles as a voice recorder. Read More

  • Wireless mouse with built-in gyro sensor for holding presentations

    Japan-based Sanwa Supply is offering a wireless mouse [JP] that’s specifically designed for controlling presentations. Thanks to the built-in gyro sensor, you can move the mouse around like a Wiimote to highlight certain areas with a laser pointer (which is also built in) or light, zoom in or out of pages, write or underline text with a virtual pen, flip pages by moving your hand etc. Read More

  • Morpho Smart Select: New image software selects best shots automatically

    Japan-based Morpho announced [JP, PDF] “Morpho Smart Select” today, a piece of software that makes it possible to pick the best shot out of a set of pictures taken with a digital camera. Morpho Smart Select makes the decision based on a number of different factors, including color contrast, position of the object or person in the image, the smile of a person and focus. Read More