• New Pocket Projectors From 3M Pump Up The Lumens

    New Pocket Projectors From 3M Pump Up The Lumens

    CES is just the event for little items like these: gadgets, pure and simple. Pico-projectors (or mini, micro, pocket, or what have you projectors) are among the few gadgets I really enjoy seeing incremental improvements in, and look forward to CES every year for those improvements. This year hasn’t disappointed: we saw Optoma’s new gear last night, Microvision has a new one… Read More

  • Review: AAXA P4 Pico Projector

    Review: AAXA P4 Pico Projector

    Short version: A powerful little device, significantly brighter than others of its size, with decent battery life and a good picture. Too bad it’s so damn loud, and not the most user-friendly thing of all time either. Read More

  • AAXA’s P4 Pico Projector Puts 80 Lumens In Your Palm

    AAXA’s P4 Pico Projector Puts 80 Lumens In Your Palm

    I’ve gotten to review a few pico projectors, but haven’t had the opportunity to test one from AAXA. This new one, the P4, looks like it could stand up to my favorite so far, the 3M MP160. Like that device, AAXA’s P4 sacrifices smallness for brightness, and ends up beating the competition by some margin. Read More

  • Disney Research Shows Pico Projector-Based Games With MotionBeam Prototype

    We’ve seen some cool applications of pico projectors in the last few years: the Game Gun comes to mind, and… that other game gun as well. Disney (who, I guess unsurprisingly, maintains a whole research organization) is interested in the possible games and interactive experiences these cool little devices make possible. They’ve put together some prototypes – check out… Read More

  • LIFEBOOK S761/C: Fujitsu Shows Notebook With Integrated Pico Projector

    It took them a while, but PC makers are finally building notebooks with integrated pico projectors: that’s the main bullet point the LIFEBOOK S761/C that Fujitsu announced [JP] for the Japanese market has to offer. The projector replaces the space an optical drive would occupy in the notebook. Read More

  • Pico Projectors On The Rise

    Digitimes has forecasted that pico projector shipments will triple to ten million units over the next two years. They don’t offer a lot of justification, but I’ve seen all the justification I need any time I show somebody one of these things. “Wait, that’s the projector?” “And how much does it cost?” At that point they’re a little afraid… Read More

  • TI's Prototype USB Pico Projector Is Tiny And Potentially Awesome

    I’ve reviewed a few pico projectors, and one of their main limitations seems to be input type. That is to say, there are too many input types, since they’re meant to accommodate a variety of devices. This little guy, seen at an event here at MWC, goes the opposite direction: it’s strictly USB. It uses a USB display driver and sends both image and power over the cable… Read More

  • Nikon Wants To Turn Your DSLR Viewfinder Into… A Projector

    This patent, filed by Nikon in Japan, is really baffling me right now. The idea is that the viewfinder or eyepiece would serve not only as a something to put your eye to and frame shots, but also as a pico projector. Isn’t that a little dangerous? Read More

  • Review: Microvision ShowWX+ Pico Projector

    Short version: It’s hard to beat the ShowWX on portability and convenience, but on brightness and image quality it falls short of the competition. Read More