Review: TekCase for the Nintendo DSi


Short Version: Nintendo DSi owners searching for a case that not only protects their handheld but also extends the play time will find Tekno Creations TekCase for the DSi well worth the $30 investment.

Long Version:

While the TekCase adds a bit of bulk to your dainty DSi, the promise of 3x the play time is incentive enough to take a gamble on such a small investment.

Once you place your DSi into the TekCase, you really have no reason to ever pull it out. Everything is accessible and accounted for. A miniUSB port plugs directly into the DSi’s proprietary power plug, so you’ll never have to carry around the Nintendo adapter ever again. All you need is a miniUSB cable and I’m sure you have plenty of those.

Extended battery life times vary depending on your level of brightness and I managed to get over 3.5 hours with the brightness level cranked all the way up. Mileage will vary, but it gets the job done if long flights or road trips are in your future.

There isn’t too much that I dislike about the TekCase and the pros certainly outweigh the cons. I highly recommend the TekCase from Tekno Creations.


  • The polycarbonate shell definitely protects your DSi from bumps and bruises and small drops
  • At the very least it doubles battery life
  • You can rid yourself of the DSi power adapter and stick with a miniUSB cable


  • It’s difficult to extract the DSi once it’s been placed in the case
  • The case hinders the ability to tilt the screen all the way back
  • It’s bulky