• Diablo 3 DRM Requires Constant Internet Connection – Until You Crack It, Of Course

    Diablo 3 DRM Requires Constant Internet Connection – Until You Crack It, Of Course

    The limitations of online-only DRM are, perhaps, in truth only hypothetical. It’s possible to imagine a DRM scheme that must be online all the time, yet handles outages gracefully and never limits your play. Unfortunately, that DRM is not the kind Blizzard is installing on Diablo 3, one of the most anticipated titles of the year. At a briefing given to a few gaming sites, it was… Read More

  • PC Victory: Battlefield 3 To Be Scaled Down For Consoles

    PC Victory: Battlefield 3 To Be Scaled Down For Consoles

    Battlefield 3 is perhaps one of the most anticipated games of 2011. It arrives in October and will likely see hundreds of thousands of sales on day one. As a AAA title, it behooves BF3 to debut on the 360, PS3, and Windows at the same time. But the last several years have seen troubling compromises in PC versions, obviously being made because of console restraints. Just recently I panned… Read More

  • Playstation Vita’s Social And Online Modes Officially Detailed

    Playstation Vita’s Social And Online Modes Officially Detailed

    We heard about the Playstation Vita’s online capabilities long before we even knew its name, but the official details are just now solidifying. We knew it would have a net-connected staging area for each game, and a proximity-based social tool (LiveArea and Near respectively), and although some of the functions there are intact, they’ve been tweaked a bit and the features have changed. Read More

  • For The Geek Who Has Everything: A Gold-Plated Atari 2600

    For The Geek Who Has Everything: A Gold-Plated Atari 2600

    One thing most 30-something people in tech have in common is video gaming nostalgia. Generation X (and Generation i) can go on for hours discussing the merits of our favorite Nintendo games, our programming experience in school, and of course our beloved Ataris. Sure there were C64s and Amigas and such, but Atari’s 2600 and its successors were truly groundbreaking in the gaming… Read More

  • Kinect-Powered, Dueling “JediBot” Created By Stanford Robotics Students

    Kinect-Powered, Dueling “JediBot” Created By Stanford Robotics Students

    It’s been a while since we’ve posted any interesting Kinect hacks. They were coming fast and furious for a while, but this is the first I’ve seen in a while that really makes me happy. Robotics students at Stanford put this “JediBot” together from an articulating arm and a Kinect (and of course a little robotics know-how). The Kinect tracks the location of… Read More

  • Capcom Announces Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box

    Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) is 15 years old, can you believe it? To commemorate the series’ 15th anniversary, Capcom announced [JP] the so-called Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box for the Japanese market today. Read More

  • Marathon Now Available For iPad

    Just a quick heads-up: that iPad version of Marathon (Bungie’s classic Mac FPS) is now available to be downloaded to your very own little iPad. And it’s free! Free, I tell you! If you haven’t ever played the game, I’d actually recommend playing it the way it’s meant to be played first (there are ports available and the game is free), but if you don’t mind… Read More

  • Project Mimicry Lets You Play Virtually In A Real Sandbox

    This is just too cool. Project Mimicry is a game/project in which a real-life sandbox is monitored for depth information, and the resulting virtual landscape is able to be played on, raced in, and explored in a separate game environment. Read More

  • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim To Get Proper PC Version

    Some Skyrim developers have been answering questions in the Elder Scrolls forums, and have confirmed that Skyrim will indeed get true PC optimizations, and should be free of the kind of console holdovers that plagued Crysis 2. Not that every game doing it right needs a post here, but after playing what I could of Dungeon Siege 3, I’m really glad to see a developer making more than a… Read More

  • Supply Line Sources Say PS4 Coming In 2012

    Taiwanese daily Digitimes is reporting that Sony is planning a PS4 launch for 2012, based on manufacturers’ claims. Foxconn and Pegatron are supposedly to assemble the systems in late 2011. Digitimes usually has its finger on the pulse when it comes to this sort of thing, but I can’t help feeling there may be some misinterpretation here. Read More

  • Japan Last Country To Resume All PlayStation Network Services On Wednesday

    It took them a while, but Sony today announced [JP] that they will fully restore all PlayStation Network services plus streaming media-on-demand service Qriocity in Japan this Wednesday. Sony’s home market is the last country in which the company is done picking up the pieces after that massive data breach from last April. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For $5 (Again!)

    Last time I posted this deal, BC2 was on Impulse, and my colleagues were earnestly recommending it to me. Now, I’m earnestly recommending it to you. There’s lots of good stuff being sold at the Steam Summer Camp Sale, but this one’s at Amazon and totally worth every penny. Solid single-player, awesome multiplayer, just a fantastic game. Add to cart. Read More

  • Via PlayView: PS3 Gets "World's First Visual Magazine" In 4K×2K Resolution And 3D

    Last year, Sony unveiled PlayView, a service for the PS3 that makes it possible to view high-resolution images on your display, for example in manuals or guides for games. And yesterday, big S announced in Tokyo that PlayView will be able to produce pictures in 4K×2K (4,096×2,160) resolution, or, in other words, four times the resolution of full HD. Read More

  • Steam Summer Camp Sale Now Underway!

    Steam’s big Summer Camp Sale starts today! Not that you can buy anything right now, since the store is buckling under the weight of the traffic. Reddit user Remmib has put together a nice little listing of most of the deals here, but you might want to wait an hour or two before trying to get in there. Some standouts: Valve Complete Pack (Portal 2 included) for $50, Borderlands for $5… Read More

  • 39/40: L.A. Noire Gets (Almost) Perfect Score From Japanese Game Magazine Famitsu

    Who said Japanese players don’t appreciate video games made outside their home country? I just went out to buy the newest issue of the Famitsu, Japan’s leading video game magazine (which came out about 3 hours ago/it’s currently 3am Thursday over here), and saw what you see above: L.A. Noire, one of the biggest game titles this year, missed the perfect review score by just… Read More

  • Shake-up At Sony: PlayStation Inventor Retires, Kaz Hirai Becomes Chairman Of Sony Computer Entertainment

    Following the security breach in the PlayStation network in April (77 million PlayStation Network user accounts were compromised), Sony saw a radical management reshuffle in its gaming division, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), today. As you could expect, big S denies a connection between both incidents, but today’s decision probably doesn’t surprise anyone. Read More

  • Only 6000 Xbox 360 Units Sold In Japan In May

    This isn’t a knock on the 360, but it really demonstrates the differences between the US and Japanese markets, and shows how you can’t please all the people, all the time. Only six thousand Xbox 360s were moved in all of Japan in May, for a total of around 1.47 million. Compare that to over five million PS3s sold and over ten million Wiis. Yet here in the states, the 360 is… Read More

  • Japan Gets Three New PSP Value Packs Next Month

    The PS Vita is coming relatively soon, but Sony Japan today announced [JP] something nice for all users still in need of a PSP: a total of three new PSP value packs. The bundles will include a PSP in Piano Black, Vibrant Blue, or Blossom Pink – and they might be the last ones you can get, at least before the Vita goes on sale. Read More

  • Classic Mac FPS Marathon Open Sourced, Coming To iPad

    Marathon was the Mac answer to Doom, and when I was younger I preferred it infinitely (in my innocence), lauding its creative level design, intense multiplayer, and insanely well thought-out story. When it gave way to Halo I pretty much stopped caring about Bungie, but now they’ve gotten my attention again. Marathon is comin’ to the iPad. Read More

  • Sony To Drop PS3 Price In August?

    While Sony hasn’t given a yea or nay on this rumor, industry people are making noise about a possible price cut coming this fall to the PS3. Developers and merchants say software sales are down and it’s up to one of the big guys to start the price wars up again. Will it be Sony? Read More

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