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  • Flipnote Studio: Nintendo DSi gets social drawing service in six languages

    There are seven million Nintendo DSi in the world now, and the system is the first in the DS series (total sales: 102 million) boasting Internet connectivity. And Nintendo just stepped up efforts to tap the handheld’s network effect by releasing Flipnote Studio, a social drawing app that’s available for free in the DSiWare store. It’s the first user-generated web service for… Read More

  • Review: TekCase for the Nintendo DSi

    Short Version: Nintendo DSi owners searching for a case that not only protects their handheld but also extends the play time will find Tekno Creations TekCase for the DSi well worth the $30 investment. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi to become ghost hunter

    Swedish developer A Different Game announced today that the DSi will soon aid ghost hunters on their quest to vanquish and/or send back the ethereal to the underworld. Ghostwire will utilize the DSi’s camera and mic to help you hunt down the ghosts haunting us all and determine why they’re still creeping around our plane of existence. Read More

  • Oh, right, there are flash cards that work with the Nintendo DSi now

    There’s now a flash “homebrew” device that works on the Nintendo DSi. It’s called the DS(onei), and it’s developed by a team called Supercard. It works like all those PSP hacks work: the DS(onei) runs a custom firmware that can be easily updated. So when Nintendo releases a game that breaks the DS(onei)’s compatability, team Supercard releases a new… Read More

  • Nintendo DSiWare update

    If you’re prone to fits of rage triggered by lackluster updates from Nintendo then steer clear of this post, friend. I can’t be held responsible for you throwing your computer out the window or head-butting it. Today, Nintendo updated the DSiWare channel with Animal Crossing Calculator and Animal Crossing Clock. I don’t speak Animalese nor do I wish to speak Animalese. Just… Read More

  • Nintendo DSi watches you go #1

    As I was doing my business at some establishment in San Francisco I noticed that the mirror above the urinal was warped. Upon closer inspection I found that it was an advert for the DSi. Needless to say it creeped me out. Read More

  • Stop Motion Nintendo DSi teardown

    We’ve seen the iFixit teardown of the DSi, but this one from TechRestore should be the new standard by which teardowns should happen. TR’s Brian Northway compiled this video with 1,304 images and countless hours of tweaking to get everything just right. And the reassembly is a nice touch, which we don’t typically see. Enjoy! Thanks for the tip, Billy S. Read More

  • Activision becomes first third-party DSiWare publisher in the U.S.

    It’s not live yet, but Activision’s Mixed Messages is the first third-party title for Nintendo’s DSiWare line in these United States of America. It’s a 2-21 player game that sounds a lot like the telephone game from when we were kids. Mixed Messages will cost 500 DSi Points. Nintendo also added a new 1-player game, Master of Illusion Express: Shuffle Games for 200… Read More

  • Review: Nintendo DSi

    The question on everyone’s mind since October 2, 2008, has been whether it will be worth upgrading to the DSi from the DS Lite, right? We’ve all seen the countless videos coming out of Japan about the DSi’s new features and I’m sure most of you have already made up your mind by now, but if you’re on the fence then I hope this review helps. Read More