gift guide 2009

  • Review: Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie headphone-hat

    Short Version: The audio is only passable (at least at speed) and the fit questionable, but hey, these do just what they set out to do: put some headphones in a decent hat. Read More

  • Last Minute Shopping: Gift Guide Roundup

    Still haven’t gotten all those holiday gifts? You still have a wee bit o’ time left. Whether you’re planning to run out to a brick and mortar store or you’re willing to test the limits of expedited shipping, here’s a quick rundown of ideas and info from our gift guide. Read More

  • PSA: Double check your ‘guaranteed Christmas delivery’ online orders

    A tale of holiday woe for your enjoyment. I just logged into my account to make sure that the gift I ordered for someone on my list would indeed arrive by Christmas. It will not. Could be Best Buy’s fault, could be UPS’ fault – either way, the train went off the tracks. Read More

  • Review: second generation Pogoplug NAS

    PogoPlug has gotten a fair bit of coverage here at CrunchGear, including a full review of the original PogoPlug device. A new version was recently released, with quite a bit more to offer, so an updated review is in order. The second generation PogoPlug supports up to four USB drives, offers gigabit Ethernet, has mobile clients for the major smartphones, and has a burgeoning independent… Read More

  • Bark4Beer: Dog collar with bottle opener

    If you have a dog and you’ve thrown a party, you know that dogs generally add a bit of fun to the mix at the beginning of the party but by the end, they’ve mostly eaten food off the coffee table, scared the bejesus out of the three guests who have an irrational fear of dogs, and had a few “accidents” in high-traffic areas like hallways and doorways. Read More

  • Super Smash Bros. hits Wii Virtual Console

    For those of you who have graduated from college in the past decade, you may want to relive the glory days of playing Super Smash Bros. until 4AM, except this time you’ll just skip an entire day of work instead of a morning class or two. On the plus side, at least you live in a marginally cleaner apartment now. Read More

  • Wii Maracas perfect for Maraca-based games

    The product description says it all. “With the Maracas for Wii you can enjoy those Maraca based video games as if you were actually celebrating a big fiesta!” Ah yes, all those Maraca based video games. Read More

  • Dual USB port charger is tiny, cheap

    This might make a good last-minute stocking stuffer, although I’m not sure if it’ll get to you in time. It’s a little USB power plug with not one, but two (!!!) USB ports. Read More

  • The UltraMega Weekend Giveaway: $500 gift card from

    Good morning. We have a week until Christmas and we’ve been pounding out giveaways left and right. We’ve had Smart Pens, Olive Hi-Fis, and your own personal Ninja for a year (didn’t see that one? There’s a reason.) But today we’re here to announce the final big giveaway: a $500 gift card towards anything you want from the kind folks at Here’s… Read More

  • Review: Panasonic 360 Degree Quick Iron

    This is an iron that promises to increase your ironing speed by up to 25% thanks to a symmetrical titanium soleplate, which allows you to iron forwards, backwards, left, and right with ease. It doesn’t make ironing any more exciting but with a street price of around $40, it’s a solidly-built and attractive iron if you’re in the market for one. Read More

  • Product Photo Awards: Arcade Putting Pro

    Product photography is an art form. It must appeal to the senses, tickle one’s fancy, instill a sense of urgency – I NEED IT! Take this Arcade Putting Pro game, available at on clearance for $30. Read More

  • Review: Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek

    Short Version: There are two kinds of people in the world: those who will wear Vibram Five Finger shoes and those who won’t. After a bout with plantar fasciitis and shinsplints, I joined the former camp and feel much better for it. These new shoes, called the VFF KSO (Keep Stuff Out) Trek, add a bit of coverage to what are essentially foot gloves for running, hiking, and looking like a… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 25% off Skagen watches

    Our friends at Skagen have offered our readers 25% off their watches from now until December 31 which means you can order even after Christmas and pretend the order was held up at the post office. Read More

  • Nerd Alert: Calculator shaped like a gamepad

    Awww, schweeeeeet! This calculator says, “Hey, I need a calculator but I want people to know that I’m down with video games. Please don’t step, mess, or front. I got eight digits to work with, B.” Read More

  • Thursday Giveaway: A Nooka Accessory Selection

    Good afternoon, chaps. Do you feel underdressed, under-accessorized, and smelly? Nooka has something nice for you. Our buddies over there are giving out a new Nooka Watch (your choice), a Nooka Belt (shown above), and the new Nooka fragrance. That’s right: you can smell like a Nooka. Read More

  • Bag Week: Sumo Messenger Bag

    Short Version: Sumo is fairly new to the bag game but this is a strong showing for the company. For $79.99 you get a 17-inch laptop bag made of waterproof ballistic, rip-stop nylon. Sadly, a lack of internal organization pockets hampers the overall storage capacity. Read More

  • Review: Kensington Car Mount with Sound Amplified Cradle for iPhone

    Short Version: A solidly-built iPhone car dock whose unique, no-batteries-required sound amplification system actually works fairly well provided you get your phone’s microphone and speaker lined up correctly. Read More

  • Gift Guide: Gadgets for the Home

    Gadgets need not be relegated to the darkest corners of your home office or rumpus room. There are plenty of options that can easily blend in to the less techno-centric areas of your humble abode. In that spirit, here’s a list of relatively inconspicuous gadgets for the home. Read More

  • Stocking Stuffer: Fake pregnancy test

    I’m just reporting, of course, so let’s not kill the messenger. Don’t think of this fake pregnancy test as a cruel/hilarious joke to play on your significant other but as more of a relationship barometer. Read More

  • Giveaway: Olive No 4 Hi-Fi Digital Stereo

    You like music, right? How about CDs? Do you still have CDs? Don’t have any cash this week? Did you spend a lot of money on presents for the kids already? Do you want one of these Olive No 4 Hi-Fi? Am I asking too many questions? Yes? No? Read More

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