GETAC's rugged PDA looks like you could drop it in a volcano

getac_ps535f-lo-res1I’m a big fan of ruggedized items. Although PDAs (as opposed to smartphones) are relatively rare these days, there’s still a large need for them in certain scientific and professional pursuits. Ruggedized PDAs even more so, as chances are you’re not going for a two-month expedition to your grandma’s house. I’m sure there are plenty of surveyors, mappers, science guys and secret agents that would love this thing in all its multi-capable glory.

The PS535 is a sort of combination hardcore GPS unit and smartphone, and sports an altimeter and compass in addition to the positioning system. Its 533MHz Samsung 2450 processor and 128MB of RAM put it squarely in power handheld territory, and it’s got 2 gigs of onboard storage (no word on expandability). It runs Windows Mobile 6.1, which I think is a prerequisite for pros since there are lots of specialized apps that only work with WinMo. Lastly but certainly not least is a sunlight-readable 3.5″ touchscreen at 640×480. Of course, it does wi-fi and Bluetooth as well.

If I were going on a trip to the Lost World, or tracking Grizzlies in Alaska, I’d definitely be bringing one of these suckers along.

Damn, their stuff looks rock-hard. Check out this awesome tablet.