Juniper Systems rugged handheld is rugged

<img src="" />Ruggedized computers are typically pretty ugly, and the Juniper Systems handheld is no exce

LaCie's Rugged XL is a terabyte of rubberized, shock-proof hotness

<img src="" />LaCie's orange-and-grey rugged drives have been around for quite some time, but because they used 2.5" HDDs, they

GETAC's rugged PDA looks like you could drop it in a volcano

<img src="" />I'm a big fan of ruggedized items. Although PDAs (as opposed to smartphones) are relatively rare these days,

Video: If you say your phone is bulletproof, you better mean it

<img src="" />Sonim's XP1 is supposed to be virtually indestructable, and although it's put up with <a href="

Panasonic gets rugged with Atom: 4-foot drop approved!

Today Panasonic introduced the U1, an Ultramobile ruggedized handheld Toughbook designed for on the go computing. Created for in-the-field professionals, the super durable notebook weighs in at just o

Drop your phone a lot? Get a G'zOne Boulder

I don’t know whether this phone from Casio is pronounced “Jee-zee wun” or “Gazone,” but either way I kind of like the idea of a basic, super-rugged phone. My Samsung Trac

Roper launches badass ruggedized tablet PC with 8-inch touchscreen

[photopress:roper_duros1.jpg,full,center]There aren’t many XP machines that get my drool factory started, but the Duros from Roper is one. It’s a ruggedized tablet PC, ideal for worksites,

Rough Ridin' Mac Mini for Mighty Mac Daddies

We tried to come up with reasons why you’d need to ruggedize a Mac Mini, but we came up with none. Really, a MacBook Pro and a nice bag should be good enough, but apparently some people want to

Ricoh's New Industrial-Strength, Heavy-Duty Tough-Guy Camera

Sure, this ugly-ass camera looks like it’s straight out of 2001, but it’s features are anything but old. This $1,200 unsightly monster is not meant to take photos of your sister’s we

Panasonic Upgrades Wireless WAN in Toughbooks

months of rough treatment, but it keeps on going. My iPod has the same story, as does my Powerbook, now a year old. But I take it relatively easy on my gear compared to some of you, those working cons