• At last, a PDA so rugged I can hammer nails with it

    Here’s a question. What use is an iPad if you live IN AN AVALANCHE? Even its high-quality multi-touch screen won’t help it there. And what if you like to SWIM IN POOLS OF MAGMA? How will you check your email then? Not on your Windows Phone! It will have melted! This is why you need the AIS Ultra-Rugged RPDA37! Read More

  • GETAC's rugged PDA looks like you could drop it in a volcano

    I’m a big fan of ruggedized items. Although PDAs (as opposed to smartphones) are relatively rare these days, there’s still a large need for them in certain scientific and professional pursuits. Ruggedized PDAs even more so, as chances are you’re not going for a two-month expedition to your grandma’s house. I’m sure there are plenty of surveyors, mappers, science… Read More

  • Sharp lays Linux-based Zaurus to rest, delicately closing both eyelids with thumb and forefinger

    File this one under “Things I Thought Were Already Gone But Are Now Gone For Real,” as Akihabara News reports that Sharp has officially relegated the Linux-based line of Zaurus PDAs to bargain bins and flea markets everywhere. The SL-C3XXX series paved the way for many of today’s QWERTY-based PDAs and smartphones with units like the SL-C3000 back in 2004, which contained a… Read More

  • PDA devices temporarily banned from UK theme park, public displays of affection are still legal

    I’m not familiar with the Alton Towers Resort theme park, but if this little kid dressed as a cop says that PDAs aren’t allowed for the next week, then I’ll be damned if I’m going to argue. The park is enforcing the no PDA rule from today, the 25th, until next Sunday, June 1st, in order to “encourage parents to disconnect from the office and reconnect fully with… Read More

  • HP shipping iPAQ 210 PDA with big VGA touchscreen

    Remember PDAs? HP does. Indeed HP remembers PDAs so ferociously that it’s released a new one called the iPAQ 210. For $449, you’ll get a 4-inch 640×480 VGA touchscreen plus a bunch of other stuff like a 624MHz Marvell PXA310 processor — Marvell bought Intel’s XScale unit back in June of 2006 so you’re basically getting an XScale processor if you’d like… Read More

  • Virtual boarding pass to save time, paper

    It’s about time someone came out with something like this. Oh wait, they already have it in Japan, where your entire life can be manipulated via your Hello Kitty “sumartufonu“. In the gadget world, however, anything that makes us more like Japan is a step forward. In any case, this pilot program allows you to skip the annoying paper ticket phase and go straight to the gate… Read More

  • PDAs of our past, it's been real

    Remember PDAs? Those nifty little handheld tablets that let you track appointments and set to-do lists? Yah, we do too, and they seem like an artifact from yesterrday. With the rise of the smartphone, the PDA has become redundant, all of the features you’d want in a PDA are included in the generic smartphone, as well as instant email and Web browsing. The third quarter of this year saw… Read More

  • Scots to Students: Have A Handheld

    If you’re Scottish, and a school kid, then you might be getting a PDA. Scotland’s Lothian Councils, the governing bodies for an area of the Southeast known as the Lothians, have put forth a plan to give each of the area’s 60,000 students an Internet-enabled PDA with the goal of making pupils more involved in their studies. The PDAs would have built-in access to coursework… Read More