• Roundup: Rugged Flash Drives From Corsair, Imation, Kingston, And LaCie

    Flash drives are a dime a dozen these days, so if you’re going to actually spend money on one, it may as well be one that can take a little abuse. After all, if you plan on having it with you everywhere you go, there’s a good chance this thing is going to get dropped, sat on, spilled on, and otherwise beaten up. The big flash drive sellers all have entries in this category, some… Read More

  • New Pentax WG-1 Rugged Cameras Look Adventure-Proof

    I managed somehow skipped Pentax’s rugged camera when I last did a rugged roundup, but I’m definitely not missing this one. The WG-1 is the “12th rugged generation” camera from Pentax, and looks to be quite a solid piece of kit. It’s just got that rugged look too, you know? Read More

  • New Toshiba HDD Withstands Extreme Temperatures, Can Be Used 24/7

    Toshiba announced [PDF] the MK1060GSCX today, a 2.5-inch SATA type HDD with 100GB capacity that’s designed for use in “rugged operating environments”. The company says the hard drive can be used 24 hours a day in computing, industrial and other non-conventional environments (i.e. in ATMs, ruggedized computers, factories etc.). Read More

  • The RNB Eagle Is A Rugged Laptop That Isn't From Panasonic

    There aren’t that many rugged laptops out there, and chances are if you’ve seen one around, it was a Panasonic. Their Toughbook line has been around for ages, and is the standard for rugged consumer laptops. But that doesn’t mean they’re the only players in the game. Rugged Notebooks has released the RNB Eagle, a rugged notebook that won’t blow you away with… Read More

  • Ricoh Updates Its Rugged Camera Line With GPS-Enabled G700SE

    It was just a few weeks ago that Ricoh released the G700, a rugged and rather disposable-looking point-and-shoot camera. Today, they’ve put out an upgraded version, the G700SE, which adds a few extra functions. Like GPS? Like lasers? Come on in. Read More

  • LaCie's Xtremkey is probably the ruggedest USB key of them all

    For probably two years now I’ve been using a Corsair Survivor thumbdrive, a reliable little guy that’s more or less waterproof and crushproof. I think it’s pretty tough, and whenever I have serious backup to do under 32GB, I’m sure to use it. Well, loyal as it’s been, it may have just been supplanted by the latest in the “key” series from… Read More

  • Casio's rugged digital camera EX-G1 gets 2 limited edition colors (in Japan)

    When Casio’s rugged digital camera, the Exilim EX-G1, came out last year, it received great reviews (for example, from us). And it appears as if the 12.1MP device sold really well, too, as Casio today in Japan announced [JP] two limited edition colors (the EX-G1 GN in green and the EX-G1 SR in silver). Read More

  • Rugged Camera Round-Up: The Round-Up

    So we’ve looked at four rugged and waterproof cameras this week: the $150 Kodak PlaySport, the $200 Fujifilm XP10, the $300 Casio EX-G1, and the $400 Olympus 8010. Which, if any, is worth your hard-earned scratch? Spoiler alert: I prefer the Casio. But here’s a quick rundown of their pros and cons if you’re not convinced. Read More

  • Review: Olympus Stylus 8010 rugged digital camera

    Short version: This thing could take a bullet and keep on shooting, but its chunky form and average image quality don’t impress. However, if strength and resilience are your main criteria for picking a camera, you could do a lot worse. Read More

  • Review: Casio EX-G1 rugged digital camera

    Short version: The coolest-looking and slimmest camera in our roundup may also be your best bet. If only it had better video, the EX-G1 would be the best choice by far. As it is, it still gets my recommendation. Read More

  • Waterproof external hard drive: yes please

    It’s nice that these hard drives should be announced right in the middle of a week of rugged camera reviews. You probably remember LaCie’s Rugged XL series of hard drives — but they’re more rugged and not at all waterproof. These A70s from Silicon-Power are waterproof, pressure-proof, and shockproof. Drop ’em, take ’em into the bath, or sit on ’em all… Read More

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