Holiday Gift Idea: and for custom notebooks

When I was in Europe two weeks ago I fell in love with Moleskin notebooks. I know I am neither a college-age girl or a pretentious artist but these things are great. The paper is soft and thick, there’s a little pouch for your documents at the end, and they survived the abuse of me running around Paris doing research which is more than I can say for most reporters notebooks I’ve used. But yes, they are kind of for weenies but I’m giving some cool, specially engraved notebooks away, so read on.

Anyway, if you’re a weenie like me you’ll enjoy and For a little over the price of the notebook you can get almost anything laser cut into your Rhodia notebook or Moleskin Journal.

They sent us some TC and CG notebooks to give away so I’d like to see your best lines of pretentious poetry in comments. One comment is one entry and we’ll close the contest at noon Eastern on Wednesday, December 3. Please also note which type you’d like, TechCrunch or CrunchGear. We have four total to give away, so get cracking.