Gift Guide 2008

  • i-Real: Toyota updates its futuristic tricycle

    Formerly known as iSwing, Toyota‘s single-seat personal mobility cars gained worldwide attention back in 2005 when TIME magazine called it one of the ”coolest inventions” of that year. But now Toyota has decided to update the vehicle (by reworking the 4-wheel car into a 3-wheel “chair”), give it a new name (i-Real) and let the Central Japan International Airport… Read More

  • The blue collar Father's Day gift guide

    John Biggs ran his Father’s Day gift guide yesterday, but each one of his items cost well over a hundred dollars. I don’t have that kind of cash and to be honest, my Dad wouldn’t use any of those gadgets anyway. So here’s a Father’s Day gift guide for the working dad with items everyone can afford. Let’s get to it. Read More

  • Father's Day Wishlist: What to buy for Pop on Sunday

    I’ve been going through the items I’ve seen and bought this year and thought I’d share a few things that would make me particularly happy this Father’s Day. To that end, I’ve collected a mish-mash of items that might make dad smile a bit more readily than a tie and cologne set from Donald Trump’s fashion collection. Canon G10 I had to send this camera back… Read More

  • Japanese robotics company unveils autonomous mini vehicle

    Tokyo-based robotics venture ZMP has developed a mini vehicle that is about one-tenth the size of a real car and able to drive autonomously. Equipped with a CCD camera and an infrared laser system, the robo-car is able to detect obstacles and calculate their distance. Read More

  • New robot reads out books loud for you, looks cute

    We covered them all: Teaching robots, kissing robots, space robots, modeling robots and even sensitive robots. But Ninomiya-kun, a book-reading robot, is a new one. He might get along well with Booktime, a page-turning robot (just saying). And needless to say, all of these robots are Japanese. Read More

  • JVC set to release the world's thinnest 32-inch LCD display

    JVC presented a prototype of a super-thin and super-light 32-inch LCD TV back in January (during the CES) and today announced [JP] that sales of the device will begin this August (in Japan, at least). The company claims the model is the world’s thinnest LCD display of that size. Read More

  • Contest: Tekken 6 swag

    Well, the original contest didn’t really pan out so just leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow. Fair enough? Update: I have no idea what’s going on with WP, but it ate the image and won’t give it back. The prizes include a Tekken 6 Xbox 360 face plate and some fancy piece of art. Read More

  • Review: Nintendo DSi

    The question on everyone’s mind since October 2, 2008, has been whether it will be worth upgrading to the DSi from the DS Lite, right? We’ve all seen the countless videos coming out of Japan about the DSi’s new features and I’m sure most of you have already made up your mind by now, but if you’re on the fence then I hope this review helps. Read More

  • Video: History of the Internet according to MS

    You know, I have to give props to Microsoft’s ad agency Bradley and Montgomery for a hilarious new ad promoting IE8. It’s full of celebrities poking fun at the Internet with intermittent sprinklings of IE8 that don’t overwhelm and bore you like other MS ads. Kudos all around. Happy YouTube Friday! Read More

  • Rumor: Nintendo working on USB hard drive for the Wii

    Among the many Wii rumors today, QJ was tipped off that Nintendo is working on a “double USB hard drive” for the Wii. Since, you know, storage on the Wii stinks at the moment and only supports 2GB SD cards. Read More

  • Win a trip to the Star Trek movie premiere – plus, a contest

    Okay, so we’re not the ones giving away the trip. But we are giving away a sweet Star Trek bag that you can pack your stuff into, when you do win the trip those big corporations are offering. Read More

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