Microsoft takes on Chromebooks with school-focused $250 laptops and Windows 11 SE

Microsoft is making its play for the new shape of classrooms with a pared-down version of Windows 11 and a set of inexpensive laptops from the Surface brand and several other manufacturers. It’s

Apple notched the new MacBook Pro

Apple has backpedaled on years of questionable design choices with its MacBook Pros, unceremoniously retiring the universally disliked Touch Bar and adding back the ports and MagSafe users have missed

Canalys finds PC demand surged in Q1, but shipments lagged due to supply issues

As workers moved from office to home and students moved to being educated online, demand for new PCs surged in Q1, but Canalys found that shipments actually dropped 8% in spite of this, due to COVID-1

Which is the best daily planner for busy entrepreneurs?

Keeping on track is hard. Over the years I’ve tried a number of personal information managers – PIMs, for short – from the original Palm V to my current iPhone/iCal/Vyte/phone tag me

Samsung’s slim Notebook 9 line gets a boost

Samsung’s gone the simple route with its latest notebooks — right down to the Notebook 9 name, which likely unintentionally invokes a very Cat’s Cradle vibe. Less than a year after launch, t

New vs. old in back-to-school gear

Ultrathin laptops help you find information, but writing things down, on paper, in a notebook, helps you learn and remember. Wireless headphones make your music better and more portable, but earplugs

Intel’s New Core M Processors Will Bring Thin, Fanless Convertible Notebooks This Holiday

Intel has launched its Core M processor line at IFA 2014 this year, and is announcing a number of key launch partners that will be shipping Intel M-based convertible notebooks starting this holiday se

Mobile PC Market To More Than Double On Demand For Tablets And Touch PCs, According To Report

The mobile PC market isn't doing great, but that's only if you look at it independently of tablet device sales. NPD DisplaySearch now says that over the next five years, however, the mobile PC market

Apple Grabs 84% Of Mobile PC Shipments For Q2 2012, Tablet Market Predicted To Remain Strong In 2013

Apple was responsible for an impressive 84 percent of total mobile PC shipments in Q2 2012, owing primarily to the success of its iPad line, according to a new report from supply chain analysis firm N

Back To School: The Best Ultrathin Notebook

Ultrabooks aren't a hard sell. They're super thin, really light, and powerful enough to handle everyday tasks (including a little gaming) with aplomb. That's why I'd recommend them to students looking

HP Shifts Consumer Notebook Production From China To Japan

Back in June, HP announced something very unusual: a plan to shift production of business notebooks for the Japanese market <a href="

Asus Zenbooks Enter The Ultrabook Fray, Starting At $999

The promise of the ultra-cheap ultrabook hasn't quite been fulfilled yet, but that doesn't mean we can't have a few sexy machines before the new ones hit. Acer's <a href="

MGX: NEC Shows 9.9MM Thin, Android-Based Notebook Prototype

<a href="">NEC</a> is working on an super-thin notebook that's powered by <a href="">Android</a> (version unknown) and that's just 9.9mm

HP Starts Making Notebooks – In Japan

<a href="">HP</a> caused a major splash (not only) in the technology world when the world's biggest computer maker last week announced it plans <a href="https://techcrunc

New Intel Ultrabook Reference Models Could Undercut MacBook Air Significantly

When Intel launched its <a href="">Ultrabook</a> initiative, we were excited: a full-on PC notebook th

Samsung Offers Trimmed-Down Series 9 To Better Combat MacBook Air

<img src="" />If the $1649 <a href="">Samsung Serie

Sony Officializes Its New Z Series Laptops, With Quasi-Light Peak-USB Port

<img src="" />Last month saw the introduction of a new Sandy Bridge-enabled <a href="

Acer's Chromebook Arrives This Month – 3G Version Soon

While Samsung’s sexy little Series 5 Chromebook is already shipping, a lot of people (“the people” meaning “people interested in Chrome OS,” which probably isn’t th

Report: HP Moves Part Of Notebook Production From China To Japan

<img src="" /> You don't hear news like this too often these days, but according to Japanese business daily The Nikkei, <a href="

First Samsung Chromebooks Debut On… Gilt? (Update)

<img src="" />This is kind of a strange match. <a href="">Samsung's new Chromebook</a>
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