cyber monday 2008

  • A cyber success! Cyber Monday 2008 was 15 percent bigger than last year's

    Good news, everyone! Cyber Monday 2008: Great Depression Edition was a tremendous success for online retailers, which saw a 15 percent volume increase over 2007. That’s what Comscore says, at least. Consumers were tricked into spending $846 million on Monday, compared with $733 million last year. Year-by-year growth isn’t exactly breaking news, but considering the sorry state of… Read More

  • 2-for-1 super secret sale on Atrio headphones tomorrow

    Cyber Monday (is there a cute name for the day after Cyber Monday?) shoppers! Please be advised that Future Sonics is offering its Atrio Professional Earphones tomorrow (December 2) as part of some super secret Stonecutters members only sale. That is, if you buy one pair you get a second pair for free. The Atrios run for $199 a pop. While I can’t speak to their quality Forbes—you… Read More

  • Scott E Vest does that Cyber Monday thing, too: Microfleece Pullover for $20 less

    Heads up, people who need a jacket with 4,500 discrete pockets. Scott E Vest, in honor of Cyber Monday, is extending its Thanksgiving sale through midnight tonight. That means you can grab the Microfleece Pullover for $40, which is a $20 savings. (You need to use the promo code SAVE20.) You can also get the Scott Jordan Signature System for $270 (when using the SAVE70 promo code), which is a… Read More

  • Cyber Monday CrunchDeals Round-up

    I’ll be adding to this list all day, so keep checking back for more stuff. If you find any killer deals, feel free to drop them in the comments section and I’ll add them. Amazon Smartparts SP1100B 11.3-Inch Digital Photo Frame for $99.99 Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 for $24.99 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 for $69.99 Belkin N1 Wireless Router for… Read More

  • Holiday Gift Idea: and for custom notebooks

    When I was in Europe two weeks ago I fell in love with Moleskin notebooks. I know I am neither a college-age girl or a pretentious artist but these things are great. The paper is soft and thick, there’s a little pouch for your documents at the end, and they survived the abuse of me running around Paris doing research which is more than I can say for most reporters notebooks I’ve used. Read More