Microsoft doesn't think Xbox 360 brand loyalty affected because of red ring of death

rrod 1

What number Xbox 360 are you on? I’m on number two—thanks red ring of death!—but apparently Microsoft thinks I’m cool with that.

In an interview, the head of Microsoft’s entertainment division said Microsoft’s data shows people still show a brand loyalty to the Xbox 360 despite being on their second or third console.

It speaks to the fact that they love their games and Xbox Live. Does it frustrate them? Yes. On the other hand, they know we’re taking care of them. People have a certain amount of respect for that

It’s hardly respect, chief, when you do your duty; it’s what’s expected of you.

If it had happened on a product that had less baseline customer satisfaction, it would have had a bigger impact. We really haven’t seen that.

O! I wonder, how many of you will be foolish enough to buy a launch day Microsoft console ever again? Hopefully by then I’d have fully tired of gaming, but you’d have to be silly to subject yourself to that type of gamble.

via Next Generation