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Review: Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is ahead of its time

Arriving seven years after the Xbox One first launched, the new Microsoft Xbox Series X console lands in a different world and a very different Xbox ecosystem. Microsoft is embracing subscription bund

Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next-gen console, arriving late-2020

If you didn’t watch last night’s Game Awards, you may have missed it. But Xbox Series X is the company’s  next-generation console, and will be arriving in late 2020. Thankfully, Microsoft h

Insta360’s tiny new GO stabilized camera could be game-changer for social video

Insta360 has quickly established itself as the leader in 360-degree video capture, at least for the consumer market, and its new GO stabilized camera builds on that legacy and extends some of the tech

Rylo’s shoot first, frame later camera is ideal for casual adventure-seekers

Action cameras are a gadget that mostly cater to a person’s wish to see themselves in a certain way: Most people aren’t skiing off mountains or cliff diving most of the time, but they aspi

Hulu adds Live TV to Xbox 360

Starting today, Xbox 360 will support Hulu's Live TV service. Hulu launched the highly anticipated streaming service earlier this May, which provides access to live television as well as Hulu's librar

Xbox One Gains Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility For 104 Games

Starting on Thursday, you will be able to <a target="_blank" href="">play</a> 104 games on your Xbox On

Xbox Adds 45 New Media Partners, Including Twitter, Vine, Comedy Central, And MLG

Microsoft has been trying for a while to make its Xbox Live platform not just a home for gamers, but also the dominant media center in the home. Just ahead of E3, the company is taking a bigger step i

The Time Warner Cable TV App For Xbox 360 Is Now Available, With Access To 300 Channels

The TWC TV app for Xbox Live, which <a target="_blank" href="">was announced back in June</a>, is now available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace

Microsoft Announces Updated Xbox 360 And Vows To Maintain Gamer Support Through The Xbox One Launch

Microsoft announced their Xbox 360 in 2005 and has maintained the console for most of a decade. Today the company announced an updated version of the console that mirrors the look and feel of the upco

What Games Are: Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Xbox?

With Xbox 360 having started well but ended in a very confused state, I worry that Microsoft is about to carry over much of its baggage to the new console. Will the company make the same mistake of no

What Games Are: The “Beyond Games” Mirage

Both Microsoft and Sony like to wow us with big numbers proclaiming how they are moving beyond games, but the numbers don't really stack up. For all its vaunted efforts in TV partnerships, for example

The Fall TV Lineup May Include Apple Dominating Gaming

What I’m about to say is undoubtedly going to piss some of you off. And that’s fine. Because in a few years, I’ll be right and you’ll look silly. While everyone is focused on the next gener

Microsoft Brings SkyDrive To Xbox 360 — Now Windows 8/Phone 8 Users Get To See Their Stuff On The Big Screen

Microsoft has joined up another piece of its Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 puzzle by launching a SkyDrive app for the Xbox 360 -- allowing users of its cloud storage service to view and access content via

Netflix Brings ‘Just For Kids’ User Interface To The Xbox 360

Watch out, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon! Netflix is making it even easier for kids to bypass channel surfing and search for their favorite shows and characters, with an updated app for the Xbox 360.

Internet Explorer Will Land On The Xbox 360 “This Fall” With Kinect Controls In Tow

The announcements just keep pouring out of Microsoft's press event at the Galen Center, so here's another one to chew on -- Microsoft has announced that a version of their Internet Explorer browser wi

Guess Where This Crab Lives! (Hint: Inside An Xbox 360)

We've all been there. After years of faithful service and happy memories, the trusty old (insert gadget here) is tuckered out and needs replacing. Some of us recycle our old gadgetry (and brav

Verizon And Microsoft Partner Up For Live TV On The Xbox 360

Good news, FiOS fans! Verizon and Microsoft have announced today that they have struck an agreement to bring <a href="

Sony Slashes $50 Off The PS3, Drops The Base Model To $250

Watch out! Price cuts all around! Following <a href="">the 3DS price drop</a>, Sony just cut a cool $50 off the PS3, dropping the 160GB model to $2

Only 6000 Xbox 360 Units Sold In Japan In May

This isn’t a knock on the 360, but it really demonstrates the differences between the US and Japanese markets, and shows how you can’t please all the people, all the time. Only six thousan

CrunchDeals: Buy The Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, Receive $100 Amazon Credit

<img src="">Want to contribute to making the 360 the best selling console <a href="
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