Red Ring of Death

Survey shocker: 75 percent of respondents' Xbox 360s died within 18 months of purchase

<img src="" />Look at CNET, breaking news left and right. The site ran a little survey asking its UK readers how many times their video

Oh great, my Xbox 360 is flirting with the red ring of death

<img src="" />What a day. First <a HREF="

What happens if the Xbox 360 NXE causes RROD?

Flickr’d You know the upcoming New Xbox Experience that has so many people excited for some reason? Turns out that Microsoft call centers are bracing themselves for NXE-induced red rings of deat

60GB Xbox 360 takes steps to eliminate red ring of death

The honorable Benheck has graciously torn apart one of the new 60GB Xbox 360s for us, and its innards are sorta blah, but there’s at least one important change going on. Microsoft appears to hav

Microsoft doesn't think Xbox 360 brand loyalty affected because of red ring of death

Flickr’d What number Xbox 360 are you on? I’m on number two—thanks red ring of death!—but apparently Microsoft thinks I’m cool with that. In an interview, the head of Mic

Red Ring of Death? Fix it yourself, void your warranty I keep waiting for the day when my Xbox 360 throws me the Red Ring of Death, cringing at the thought of having to call Mi

CrunchArcade: Picture of the red ring of death repair kit from Team Xecuter

[photopress:360repairkitpic.jpg,full,center] We now have the first photo of Team Xectuer’s red ring of death repair kit. I can’t tell what’s inside the bubble wrap, but I trust that,

Percentage breakdown of Xbox 360 hardware problems

[photopress:360finfo.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Here’s more details on the Xbox 360‘s failure rate. Because few things are as fun as kicking a man (or a video game console) when he&#8

Xbox 360 gets RROD at Game Developers Conference

Next motherboard revisions of Xbox 360 will have 65 nm CPU, GPU

[photopress:opus.jpg,full,center] The next two Xbox 360 motherboard revisions will be called Opus and Valhalla. Quick, somebody call CNN! Wanton speculation points to Valhalla being the final motherbo

Xbox 360 red ring of death repair kit from Team Xecuter

[photopress:rrodxec.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Team Xecuter, whose X2 Pro modchip I used on my Xbox1 back in the day, appears to have developed a kit that fixes red ring of death-affected Xbox 36

DRM cripples 'repaired' Xbox 360, can no longer access paid for content

[photopress:rrodko.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Microsoft, DRM and the non-working Xbox 360. It’s like a Tom Clancy novel. A Kotaku patron, Kevin, has his Xbox 360 red ring of death on him la

Alleged MS source airs info about Xbox 360 problems

The other day, I turned on my Xbox 360 to the red ring of death — or so I thought. It turned out to just be the one-quarter-but-not-full red ring of not-death. I was scared but after rebooting,

A friend helps out when times are tough, or when Xbox 360s expire

A real friend is someone who’s there in a time of need. If you have someone close to you that has an Earth-shattering loss, like that of their beloved Xbox 360, it is your job, as a friend, to c