ReBoot returning in trilogy of feature-length films

Back in 1994, I still watched Saturday morning cartoons. These days, I’m too hungover to do so and, frankly, the cartoons stink. One of my favorite shows growing up was ReBoot. Everyone remembers that, right? It was, like, one of the first computer generated cartoons and it was awesome. I had no idea it was from Canada. Anyway, Rainmaker Animation is busy redeveloping the series into three feature-length films with John Cooksey at the helm. The script for the trilogy is a little different than the original comic, but Rainmaker is promising that it will still ‘engage the fans.’ I can’t wait!

The ReBoot site was relaunched last week and to boost awareness of the cartoon’s return, Rainmaker held a contest of sorts where writers could pitch their story ideas that would be turned into a comic on the site. Jeff Campbell penned the winning entry, “Paradigms Lost”, with the help of producer Shea Wageman, artist Shaun Martens and designer Kelly Schmidt. The storyline pits the Guardians and Codemasters in a joint effort against a viral outbreak that’s ready to wreak havoc on cyberspace. It can be seen now on the ReBoot site.