Quibi redux? Short drama apps saw record revenue in Q1 2024

This represents an over 8,000% increase from $1.8 million in the first quarter of 2023, when just 21 apps were available.

Facebook takes on TikTok with a new, vertical-first video player

This gives Facebook a way to better compete against other popular video platforms that rely on algorithmic recommendations.

YouTube says over 25% of its creator partners now monetize via Shorts

With TikTok potentially poised for a U.S. ban, YouTube is touting how well its own TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts, is paying off for creators. The company on Thursday said its short-form video plat

YouTube’s Create app, a competitor to TikTok’s creative tools, expands to 13 more markets

YouTube Create, Google’s standalone mobile app aimed at creators, which helps them produce both Shorts and longer videos, is expanding to a broader set of markets after last fall’s launch

The makers of pro photography app Halide venture into video with Kino, due this February

Lux, the startup and makers of the popular pro photography app Halide and others, is venturing into video. The team today announced its plans to debut a new app, Kino, arriving in roughly two months&#

Pika, which is building AI tools to generate and edit videos, raises $55M

The generative AI hype hasn’t died down yet. Case in point, Pika, a startup creating an AI-powered platform to edit and generate videos from captions and still images, today announced that it ra

YouTube’s new teen safeguards limit repeated viewing of some video topics and more

Two years after testifying before the U.S. Senate over child safety concerns, including teens’ exposure to eating disorder content, YouTube today announced additional product safeguards around i

Adobe’s Project Fast Fill is generative fill for video

As part of its MAX conference, Adobe traditionally shows off some of its more forward-looking tech, which may or may not end up in its Creative Cloud apps at some point in the future. The idea here is

Capsule introduces its AI-powered video editor for enterprise teams

Capsule, a startup that’s been putting AI to use in video editing, is releasing its product to the public, after three years in development. The company’s enterprise-focused AI editor aims

Video calls are coming to X, formerly Twitter, CEO confirms

X, formerly Twitter, CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed today that video calls will be a new feature coming to the service, as part of its transformation into an “everything app.” Her comments

Zoom launches an asynchronous video tool for the meeting-averse

In its continued attempt to diversify its product offerings, Zoom today launched a new asynchronous video tool, Zoom Clips, that lets users record, edit and share video clips without having to hop on

The future of AI is video, and it’s coming at us fast

If ChatGPT brought text-based AI to anyone with a computer, what does the future for video-based AI look like?

Cloud camera security startup Solink raises $60M

Solink, a company that provides physical security systems for businesses, including closed-circuit camera analytics, today announced that it raised $60 million in a Series C round led by Goldman Sachs

Facebook puts more emphasis on video again with new discovery and editing tools

Facebook announced new video-related features today ranging from editing to discovery to make the platform competitive with YouTube and TikTok. It is also renaming its “Watch” tab to &#822

Vimeo intros a trio of AI-powered editing features

Vimeo, the video hosting and sharing platform, is embracing AI in a major way. This week, the company announced a suite of AI-powered tools designed to help users create scripts, record footage using

Dumme’s AI video editor creates YouTube Shorts in minutes

Dumme, a startup putting AI to practical use in video editing, is already generating demand before opening up to the public. The Y Combinator-backed company has hundreds of video creators testing its

YouTube Stories are shutting down June 26 as company focuses on Shorts

Stories are over — at least on YouTube, that is. The Google-owned video site announced today that YouTube Stories will be shutting down on June 26, 2023, as the company aims to focus on other ke

TikTok partners with top publishers on its new premium and brand-safe ad slot, ‘Pulse Premiere’

TikTok is partnering with big-name publishers, including NBCU, Condé Nast, DotDash Meredith, BuzzFeed and others, in an effort to pull in more premium ad dollars. At this week’s NewFronts, the

Adobe brings Firefly to its video tools

A month ago, Adobe announced Firefly, its entry into the generative AI game. Initially, Firefly’s focus was on generating commercially safe images, but the company is now pushing its technology

Apple acquired a startup using AI to compress videos

Apple has acquired a startup, WaveOne, that was developing tech to compress videos for more efficient streaming.
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