• NSFW: Is Porn Movie Merchandising the Next Big Money Maker?

    The right merchandise can turn a movie into a mega movie franchise. A movie licensing industry that accounts for 25% of all toys sold in a typical year, the right toys, video games, clothing, accessories, iPhone apps, and action figures can rake in the serious bucks. Numbers released last week for “Transformers 2” show that the movie led to toy sales worth $592 million only six… Read More

  • Japanese Twilight/New Moon DVD box includes a movie on microSD

    Teenage movie sensations Twilight and New Moon have grossed over $1 billion at box offices worldwide so far (New Moon is still in theaters), and both movies have proven to be extremely successful in the world’s second biggest movie market, Japan, too. That’s perhaps the reason why the second movie (New Moon) gets a special treatment in this country, namely a huge and Japan-only… Read More

  • Twilight USB drive jumps on the marketing bandwagon

    Heads up, Twilight fans. Now you too can own a piece of the Cullen family empire. Specialty USB drive makers Tymemachines have produced a Twilight product for your purchasing pleasure. Read More

  • International Prince of Persia trailer with new scenes

    We showed you the American trailer for the upcoming Prince of Persia movie yesterday, and today Walt Disney Pictures released a new version for international audiences. This new cut is in English, totally different from the US trailer and shows a handful of new scenes from the movie. Read More

  • Avatar toys go augmented-reality, courtesy of Mattel and Total Immersion

    This is a crazy fun demo of the new Avatar toys by Mattel. Each toy includes a little card that is scannable via webcam and creates an on-screen augmented reality robot or character. While this is old hat for most of us, Mattel is quite proud of being ahead of the curve and for good reason. You can see more demos at Total Immersion made the technology and even added a… Read More

  • Review: G-Force

    [ In what could be a first for us I’m going to talk about G-Force, the new Jerry Bruckheimer Disney movie. To be clear: this is a movie for kids. I have a kid. So I saw it. Anyway. Where to begin: this is a movie about guinea pigs with special powers who can talk and fight against forces that will destroy our great nation. In this movie they… Read More

  • NSFW: Totally weird "Robo-Geisha" movie trailer

    First, let me say the movie “Robo-geisha” is for real (see the imdb entry). Second, I rarely use the word “weird” when I blog about Japanese stuff, but the trailer for this film is weird (and thankfully in English). And third, the trailer is NSFW and definitely not suitable for children. Read More

  • Bored on a Thursday Wednesday: Check out the Scientist's Lab from the movie 9

    I know, I know. We’re not a movie blog, but many of you have shown interest in Shane Acker’s little project, 9. And it’s a slow news day. Read More

  • Brand new 9 trailer

    With all the blockbuster hits coming this year, I’m most excited for Shane Acker’s 9. I haven’t even seen this trailer, but I know it’s going to kick so much ass. If you’re unfamiliar with 9 then check out the original trailer here and then check out the two-minute clip here. Read More

  • Review: Star Trek the movie

    In one word: Amazing. J.J. Abrams did a phenomenal job that appeals to both new and old fans of the sci-fi series. You will not be disappointed. I have a man crush on James Tiberius Kirk. Read More

  • Video: Two minutes from 9

    If you’ve been paying attention to Shane Acker’s upcoming feature 9, which is based on his short film then you won’t want to miss the video we have for you after the jump. But whatever you do, don’t look at the lights! Read More

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