AMA to Vote on Whether or Not Video Game/Internet Addiction is a Real Medical Condition


The American Medical Association is taking steps to classify Internet and video game addiction as an actual medical condition. A vote is scheduled next week where members will decide whether or not to officially apply the “addiction” label. Bah, addictions are good for people. They help build character, at least the fun ones do.

In all seriousness, how many stories have we seen about some guy essentially giving up his real life to exclusively live a Second Life or to level up his Blood Elf until he passes out? Sure, this article points out that public scares like “they’re listening to too much rock music” or “rap encourages and celebrates the thug lifestyle” are common in American history, but video game and Internet addiction certainly seems to exist, at least anecdotally.

AMA to vote on “internet/video-game addiction” as medical condition [South Florida Sun-Sentinel via Drudge]