• PANIC! Study finds that students are addicted to their iPhones!!

    200 students surveyed in a Stanford study were found to be “addicted” to their iPhones. “When asked to rank their dependence on the iPhone on a scale of one to five – five being addicted and one being not at all addicted – 10 percent of the students acknowledged full addiction to the device, 34 percent ranked themselves as a four on the scale, and only 6 percent… Read More

  • Video game addiction is hard

    Good God. There’s an article that was published on Green Pixels not too long ago that discussed video game addiction. It’s your standard-issue “question” piece, where the writer asks a question—can video games be addictive?—and goes to a variety of experts, be they doctors, industry executives, and whatnot, and tries to ascertain their opinion. Read More

  • First-of-its-kind Internet addiction treatment center opens in the U.S.

    Raise your hand if you consider yourself an Internet addict. Go ahead, no one here will judge you. (How could we: all of us are online at least 12 hours per day.) The thing is, if you feel like your addiction actually represents a legitimate problem, fear not, for a new “detox” center, reStart Internet Addiction Recovery Program, has opened near Seattle. It’s the first of… Read More

  • Study: Those who are most ‘connected’ aren't necessarily happy with being so ‘connected’

    Are you a Digital Collaborator? A Media Mover? Or maybe you’re a fearsome Ambivalent Networker? No idea what these phrases mean? (Good!) They refer to the level of technological integration in a person’s life. Someone’s who’s a Roving Node is really adept at using one piece of technology in their life—this is the type of person who e-mails all day long, and knows… Read More

  • Most of the time, video game addiction isn't addiction at all

    Well look at that, most gamers who are “addicted” to gaming aren’t addicted at all. That’s the conclusion of the first clinic set up to help gaming addicts get off the smack, Amsterdam’s Smith & Jones Center . One problem: 90 percent of the people who are labeled addicted are merely socially weird. Read More

  • Italian boy diagnosed with ‘PlayStation addiction’

    An Italian boy has been diagnosed with “PlayStation addiction” following a marathon gaming session. The boy, 13, was rushed to a hospital where doctors thought he had suffered a stroke or some other serious condition. Nope, just played a little too much Mega Man! It gets better. After leaving the hospital, the boy told his father to throw away the PlayStation for fear of… Read More

  • Top psychiatrist wants Internet addiction officially recognized

    Internet addiction is real, is a clinical disorder and should be recognized by the community as such. So says a a prominent psychiatrist in the American Journal of Psychiatry. The symptoms of internet addiction are similar to those of other addictions. In using the Internet nonstop, addicts can forget to tend to their vitals (eating and sleeping), need more an more advanced technology to… Read More

  • Two children being treated for cellphone addiction

    Flickr’d “Talking, texting or playing games,” for six hours a day. Does that sound like addiction to you? Well, apparently it is. Two kids in Spain, aged 12 and 13, were recently admitted to a mental health center to treat their addiction to cellphones. Their relatives were concerned that they were unable to function without their cellphone. So, to the loony bin with… Read More

  • Hong Kong man leaves his kid on the sidewalk during marathon gaming session

    Those Hong Kongians must live in a crazy future world, because now even their vices are next-generation. Some truly serious gamer dad over there, upon learning that he couldn’t bring his 7-year-old daughter into an arcade, left her on the sidewalk for an hour while he played. He then came out and relocated her to an adjacent restaurant, bought her a drink, and went back inside for three… Read More

  • Video Game Addiction Not Real, Not Yet At Least

    An actual addict So all this talk about video games possibly being addictive, yeah, it’s all nonsense. Well, so far it is. Whereas the American Medical Association was prepared to discuss classifying video game addiction as an actual, treatable disease, people left, right and center cried foul and the issue issue has now been sent to the “further-research-is-necessary” dustbin. Read More

  • AMA to Vote on Whether or Not Video Game/Internet Addiction is a Real Medical Condition

    The American Medical Association is taking steps to classify Internet and video game addiction as an actual medical condition. A vote is scheduled next week where members will decide whether or not to officially apply the “addiction” label. Bah, addictions are good for people. They help build character, at least the fun ones do. In all seriousness, how many stories have we seen… Read More