Molly wants to use your online presence to create an automated knowledge base

Isn’t it frustrating when you ask a friend a question — like what’s your favorite restaurant in New York or what trips have you been on this year — knowing that these specific

You should read this super-interesting AMA with AI researcher Joanna Bryson

The field of artificial intelligence is a large one, full of interesting research, arguments, and people — so you could be forgiven (as I hope to be) for not being familiar with Joanna Bryson, profe

Ask Donald Trump anything on Reddit this Wednesday

This Wednesday at 6:30PM ET, log into your Reddit account and ask Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump anything. Anything. Granted, he’s not actually required to answer every question tha

Reddit Launches An Official App For AMAs

The so-called “front page of the Internet” has launched a new dedicated AMA app for iOS, with an Android version arriving later this week. Reddit users have long sought an official mobile

Twitch On Defense After Abrupt Changes To Its Content Policies Anger Users

Until recently, Twitch could do no wrong. The streaming service, born out of to cater to the burgeoning gaming and e-sports industries, grew quickly, raised lots of capital and subsumed its

President Barack Obama Joins Reddit, Does An AMA

U.S. President Barack Obama is making an unscheduled appearance on Reddit today. Just a few minutes ago, Obama <a target="_blank" href="">joined Reddit</a> and

Kevin Rose Responds To Reddit AMA: Biggest Digg Regrets, Thoughts On New Digg, More [Video]

Last night, I <a href="">wrote</a> about Kevin Rose not responding to questions on his <a target="_blank" hre

Ask Me Anything, Answer Nothing: Kevin Rose’s AMA On Reddit

Kevin Rose began an <a target="_blank" href="">AMA on Reddit</a> on Tuesday evening and so far has answered zero questio

Video Game Addiction Not Real, Not Yet At Least

An actual addict So all this talk about video games possibly being addictive, yeah, it’s all nonsense. Well, so far it is. Whereas the American Medical Association was prepared to discuss classi

AMA to Vote on Whether or Not Video Game/Internet Addiction is a Real Medical Condition

The American Medical Association is taking steps to classify Internet and video game addiction as an actual medical condition. A vote is scheduled next week where members will decide whether or not to