NSA And Other Intelligence Agencies Got All Up In Your World Of Warcraft, Xbox Live

The next time you're looking to party with a dark elf Rogue in World of Warcraft, think twice: that could be an NSA agent in disguise. According to new documents from the Snowden leaks, both the NSA a

Hey Facebook, Could You Fit Any More Fucking Branding On Your “Gifts”?

So, Facebook launched its <a href="">"Gifts" product</a>, and I was keen to take

Leaked Blizzard Roadmap Shows Release Dates For… Pretty Much Everything

<img src="" />Yikes. It's no surprise that the Blizzard China manager who let this slide leak has been fir

Wow! AOL Thinks It Can Succeed As The 500th Groupon Clone

<img src=""> There is <a href="">no shortag

Celestial Pegasus outsells iPad in DLC shocker

Funny story. Back when the Oblivion horse armor DLC hit, people couldn’t make enough fun of it. No in-game value, pure vanity, who’s got an extra $5 to spend on a game they already bought,

Review: Creative World of Warcraft headset

<img src=""><strong>Short Version:</strong> Fresh from the box, Creative’s World of Warcraft, is here! They were desi

Quick look at the Creative WoW headset

<img src="">We have a few WoW players on staff here and they've been pretty excited about this <a HREF="

Nicholas hits level 75 in World of Warcraft

<img src="">That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Our own Nicholas Deleon hit level 75 with his Blood Elf Warlock yesterday in World of Warcra

SteelSeries announces StarCraft 2 keyset, March of the Scourge mouse pad

<img src="" /><a href="">SteelSeries</a> continues to w

Blizz helps bust WoW playing drug dealer

<img src="" alt="shaman" title="shaman" width="350" height="280" class="alignright size-full wp-image-132046" />You can run, but you can'

Great Moments in Nerdery

Above: Nicholas and Dave talking about World of Warcraft in the CrunchGear chat room. I threw in some stuff about EverQuest to try to be funny and they ignored me. Nerds []

Why Cataclysm is the only direction left for World of Warcraft to grow

<img src="" />In case you missed it, Blizzard made some big announcements the other day. Yep, an MMO is releasing another expansio

Looks like we'll probably be playing as Worgen and Goblin in next World of Warcraft expansion

<img src="" />While I haven't logged into <i>World of WarCraft</i> since, I don't know, February (for the Valentines Day things), a ne

Mega Man 2.5D: Holy wow

<img src="" />This is a new trailer for Mega Man 2.5D, a new version of the classic Mega Man currently in the works. It's

The WoWPod insures you play World of Warcraft safely, comfortably

<img src="" />Okay, this is one of the better “gadgets” I've yet seen. It's called the WoWPod, and it's a self-sufficient tiny room f

Swedish group: World of Warcraft is worse than crack cocaine

<img src="" />“World of Warcraft is the crack cocaine of the computer gaming world. Some people can’t drag themselves away and will p

Oh look, a World of Warcraft Optimus keyboard theme

<img src="" />What good is that Optimus keyboard without <i>World of Warcraft</i>? None good, I say, which is why it brings me great

Hey, Timmies did you POWNZER your FWAP?

<img src="">When I was a kid, <em>Pac Man</em> was big. There were backpacks, lunchboxes, and even Pac Man board games. I remember one Ch

Nanoscaffolding regrows limbs, organs

By using ultra-fine polymer fibers, military researchers have been able to regrow damaged or missing organs and limbs. They will announce their findings officially next month at the 26th Army Science

Man reaches level 80 in Lich King on day after launch

Man also doesn’t lose virginity until age 30 when it’s with a strange, small woman he paid $50 in a park. In his memoirs, written in vi, he calls her a love gnome.
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