Best Technology Achievement
Apple Pay (Related posts)
The Blockchain (Related posts)
Rosetta Mission’s Comet Landing (Related posts)
SpaceX Lateral Booster (Related posts)
Stella Solar-Powered Car (Related posts)

Best On-Demand Service
Hotel Tonight (Related posts)
Lyft (Related posts)
Postmates (Related posts)
Shyp (Related posts)
Uber (Related posts)

Best E-Commerce Application
Casper (Related posts)
Flipkart (Related posts)
Honest Company (Related posts)
Instacart (Related posts)
Warby Parker (Related posts)

Best Mobile Application
Acorns (Related posts)
Storehouse (Related posts)
Strava (Related posts)
Venmo (Related posts)
Yik Yak (Related posts)

Fastest-Rising Startup
Lending Club (Related posts)
Product Hunt (Related posts)
Reddit (Related posts)
Slack (Related posts)
Yik Yak (Related posts)

Best Health Startup
Fitbit (Related posts)
Misfit Wearables (Related posts)
Rise (Related posts)
Theranos (Related posts)
Zenefits (Related posts)

Best Design
1Password (Related posts)
Airbnb (Related posts)
Manual Camera App (Related posts)
Medium (Related posts)
Monument Valley (Related posts)

Best Bootstrapped Startup
Daring Fireball (Related posts)
Grammarly (Related posts)
MailChimp (Related posts)
Meadow (Related posts)
Techmeme (Related posts)

Best Enterprise Startup
CloudFlare (Related posts)
Docker (Related posts)
GitHub (Related posts)
OpenDNS (Related posts)
Slack (Related posts)

Best International Startup
Citymapper (Related posts)
EyeEm (Related posts)
Kik (Related posts)
Line (Related posts)
Spotify (Related posts)

Best Education Startup
AltSchool (Related posts)
ClassDojo (Related posts)
Coursera (Related posts)
Kano (Related posts)
Khan Academy (Related posts)

Best Hardware Startup
DJI (Related posts)
Fitbit (Related posts)
GoPro (Related posts)
Oculus VR (Related posts)
Xiaomi (Related posts)

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
BuzzFeed (Related posts)
Giphy (Related posts)
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (Related posts)
Threes (Related posts)
Twitch (Related posts)

Biggest Social Impact
FireChat (Related posts)
Girls Who Code (Related posts) (Related posts)
Tim Cook’s Brick (Related posts)
Twitter (Related posts)

Angel of the Year
Cyan and Scott Banister (Related posts)
Ashton Kutcher (Related posts)
Alexis Ohanian (Related posts)
David Tisch (Related posts)
Kickstarter Backers of Oculus VR (Related posts)

VC of the Year
Marc Andreessen & Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) (Related posts)
Peter Fenton (Benchmark) (Related posts)
Jim Goetz (Sequoia Capital) (Related posts)
Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures) (Related posts)
Peter Thiel (Founders Fund) (Related posts)

Founder of the Year
Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson and Serguei Mourachov (Slack) (Related posts)
John and Patrick Collison (Stripe) (Related posts)
Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) (Related posts)
Brian Acton and Jan Koum (WhatsApp) (Related posts)
Mikkel Svane, Alexander Aghassipour and Morten Primdahl (Zendesk) (Related posts)

CEO of the Year
Marc Benioff ( (Related posts)
Tim Cook (Apple) (Related posts)
Drew Houston (Dropbox) (Related posts)
Travis Kalanick (Uber) (Related posts)
Marissa Mayer (Yahoo) (Related posts)

Best New Startup of 2014
Bellhops (Related posts)
OnePlus (Related posts)
Product Hunt (Related posts)
Shyp (Related posts)
Slack (Related posts)

Best Overall Startup of 2014
GoPro (Related posts)
Snapchat (Related posts)
Stripe (Related posts)
Tinder (Related posts)
Uber (Related posts)