Reddit CPO talks new features — better translations, moderation and dev tools

It’s a big year for Reddit. After its IPO, the platform is planning a slew of product features for the year ahead, and — spoiler alert — most of them are powered by AI. “I thin

Vana plans to let users rent out their Reddit data to train AI

In the generative AI boom, data is the new oil. So why shouldn’t you be able to sell your own? From Big Tech firms to startups, AI makers are licensing e-books, images, videos, audio and more fr

Reddit stock closes up nearly 48% on its first day of trading

Shares of social forum giant Reddit closed its first day of trading at $50.31, up nearly 48% from its IPO price of $34 per share. The company had indicated a target range of $31 to $34 per share in th

Reddit prices IPO at $34 per share, the top of the range

Reddit priced its stock on Wednesday at $34 a share, the top of the anticipated range, a signal that investors are excited about the company’s IPO on Thursday. The social media giant raised near

Reddit introduces a new ad format that looks similar to posts made by users

Reddit is introducing a new ad format that looks similar to posts made by users on the platform, the company announced on Thursday. The launch comes as Reddit is readying its initial public offering

TechCrunch Minute: Reddit’s IPO success may hinge on AI boom

The long-running dearth of IPOs could be coming to a close, partly due to Reddit’s upcoming public debut. Expected to list this month, Reddit saw its valuation soar during the pandemic. Now, the

Reddit’s planned IPO share price seems high, unless you look at its AI revenue

If investors agree to pay its high-end range, Reddit's valuation should hit around $5.4 billion.

Potential ‘meme stock’ Reddit will let Redditors sell shares immediately

Reddit’s IPO should be interesting to watch — and not just because the business remains unprofitable, but also because of how the company has chosen to bring in its community of active us

Reddit launches free tools to help businesses grow their presence on the site ahead of IPO

Reddit announced today that it’s launching a suite of tools, called Reddit Pro, to help businesses grow an organic presence on the platform. The launch comes as Reddit is readying its initial pu

Reddit should go public at $5B, according to secondary data

If secondary buyers aren't buying shares at more than a $5 billion valuation, it wouldn't be wise for Reddit to price its IPO above that.

Reddit IPO could usher in the next big meme stock, users speculate

Jeremiah Johnson says he has “an embarrassing amount” of Reddit karma. So, as a longtime moderator of subreddits like r/economics, he was part of a select group of power users who were granted fir

Reddit downplays risks of developer backlash, decentralized social media in its IPO filing

Reddit’s long-awaited IPO is nearing, promising to be the largest social media IPO since Pinterest. But in the company’s S-1 filing, Reddit fails to fully address the complications that ar

Reddit cites r/WallStreetBets as a risk factor in its IPO filing

As Reddit finally files to go public, the company wrote in its S-1 filing that “meme stock” schemes on r/WallStreetBets could pose a risk to investors. The subreddit r/WallStreetBets, a co

Reddit says it’s made $203M so far licensing its data

Reddit’s prospects as it barrels toward a stock market listing have a lot more to do with relationships with AI vendors such as OpenAI than one might expect. In its IPO prospectus filed today wi

Reddit files to go public at last

Social media giant Reddit filed to go public today. Its long-awaited S-1 filing will see it approach the public markets potentially at the head of a long column of richly valued technology startups a

Social networks are getting stingy with their data, leaving third-party developers in the lurch

2023 was the year social networks realized that they were sitting on massive troves of data. And some companies, such as Twitter (now X) and Reddit, decided to change their terms to shut out third-par

Fidelity cuts Meta-backed Meesho valuation to $3.5B

Fidelity has cut the value of its holding in Meesho by 33.6% since the original investment, giving the Indian social commerce startup a valuation of $3.25 billion. Adjusted for outstanding shares, Mee

Reddit at $5B seems eminently reasonable

Reddit's feeling out its own IPO valuation is crucial, especially given that hightened regulatory scrutiny is restricting M&A as an exit avenue for unicorns.

Reddit plans to launch IPO in March, report says

Reddit is preparing to launch its initial public offering (IPO) in March, according to a new report from Reuters. The report notes that the move comes more than three years after the San Francisco-bas

Startup shutdowns and AI showdowns: The 2023 chronicles

Welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups. This is the first of a two-part series that we built for you going back over critical themes from 2023.
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