• Hyperloop One plans to project Russians across Moscow

    Hyperloop One plans to project Russians across Moscow

    Hyperloop One, a Los Angeles-based startup working on making Elon Musk’s crazy-fast vacuum tube transportation blueprint a reality, has agreed to partner with the Summa Group and the Russian Government to build a Hyperloop in Moscow. The Summa Group is a Russsian investment group with a large stake in infrastructure investments in the country including port logistics, engineering… Read More

  • Meet Oasis, Amazon’s smaller, lighter, grippier Kindle

    Meet Oasis, Amazon’s smaller, lighter, grippier Kindle

    True to earlier reports, Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the smallest and lightest Kindle yet and comes with a handle for gripping. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos teased an “all-new, top of the line” Kindle last week and Chinese site sent the e-reader world in a tizzy when it accidentally unveiled details of Kindle’s newest addition to the family on Monday. The site… Read More

  • Congrats Ingrid, On Your One-Year Anniversary At Techmeme

    Congrats Ingrid, On Your One-Year Anniversary At Techmeme

    Ingrid Lunden began working for Techmeme in February of 2012, after an extensive career at and regular freelance work for publications such as the Financial Times. Today, she celebrates her one-year anniversary with Techmeme. Ingrid is passionate about all new technology, but has specific interest in mobile, digital media, advertising. Her dedication to the intersection of… Read More

  • Three Startups Defending Democracy In America: Votizen, Memeorandum, and NationBuilder

    Three Startups Defending Democracy In America: Votizen, Memeorandum, and NationBuilder

    The USA was founded by entrepreneurs who said “England has become bloated with bureaucracy. Let’s disrupt it by starting our own agile, more innovative nation.” But on the country’s 236th birthday, we find some democracy’s machinery needs a tune up. Political news, campaigns, and voting itself require an update for the 21st century. Considering our roots, its… Read More

  • Gabe Rivera Backstage at Disrupt

    Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera Opens Up About New Vs. Old Media

    To any member of the tech media, Techmeme is the first site you visit in the morning, and the last site you check before bed. It’s a thermometer of today’s news, with more context per headline than any single news source can offer. This is the beauty of aggregation, which some more traditional media outlets frown upon. But founder and CEO Gabe Rivera has been doing this since… Read More

  • Techmeme Pulls Out The Measuring Tape For Its Top Stories Of 2011

    Techmeme Pulls Out The Measuring Tape For Its Top Stories Of 2011

    Tis the season for annual recaps and retrospectives. And while most such lists stem from a blogger’s yearning for page views during the otherwise-quiet holiday season, some lists are actually interesting — even useful. One such list comes from Techmeme, one of the best tech news aggregators on the web, which releases an annual overview of the year’s top stories. The site… Read More

  • House of Cards

    House of Cards

    It’s possible new media will steal a page from the VCs and the economics of the Cloud, putting these streaming deals together on multiple networks (Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, iCloud) with talent owning the rights in return for low startup costs. Spotify could fight off the independents by offering contracts directly to the artists, and team with the streaming studios to live cast… Read More

  • Techmeme Opens The Kimono On How It Chooses Headlines And Sources

    Techmeme Opens The Kimono On How It Chooses Headlines And Sources

    For many, the methodology behind how technology news aggregator Techmeme chooses sources to link to for headlines has been an enigma. But today, founder Gabe Rivera has opened the kimono a little bit on how stories are chosen to be featured on the site. So bloggers and tech journalists take note. For background, Techmeme uses a set of algorithms as well as human editors to choose and… Read More

  • Our Bane: The Rewriters

    TechMeme’s Gabe Rivera writes an excellent and funny post about the very big difference between aggregators and rewriters. Worth the read. Read More

  • Eventually, One Of These Updates Will Make Google News Not Suck At Tech News, Right?

    Eventually, One Of These Updates Will Make Google News Not Suck At Tech News, Right?

    For as long as I can remember, there has been one constant in tech news: Google News sucks at it. Now, that’s not entirely fair since Google News doesn’t actually provide any of their own content. Instead, they use the supposedly magical Google algorithms to curate others’ content from around the web. Still, there’s just no way around it — the product, at least… Read More

  • Techmeme Becomes Jobmeme Too

    How do you know times are booming in the tech sector? Techmeme just became a job board. To be clear, it will continue to be the go-to source for technology news as it has been for the past several years — but there’s now a new area in the right-hand column devoted to “Who’s hiring in tech”. Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera writes about the new addition here, noting… Read More

  • Techmeme Taps Twitter For Faster Headlines, Pithy Context

    It’s been no secret that for a number of years now, quite a few posts you see on this site and others come directly as a result of a tweet from someone. It usually works like this: someone tweets out a bit of information either to quickly promote it — or even better, that they probably shouldn’t — and we jump all over it, adding context. But as fast as we are at that… Read More

  • Mediagazer: Techmeme's Editors Will Help Us Watch The Death Of Print; Find What's Next

    Mediagazer: Techmeme's Editors Will Help Us Watch The Death Of Print; Find What's Next

    To many in the industry, Techmeme is hands down the best aggregator of technology news. So it makes sense that they’d try to take their combination of algorithms and editors to other verticals. But they’ve tried in the past, and it hasn’t worked. But that doesn’t mean they’re giving up. Today, the people behind Techmeme are rolling out Mediagazer, a new site… Read More

  • ReBuzzThis Wants To Be The TweetMeme Of Google Buzz

    You know how TweetMeme started out trying to be the Techmeme of Twitter before it ventured off plastering its ReTweet buttons on every blog on the Web? Well now there’s a site that just launched today that wants to be the TweetMeme of Google Buzz called ReBuzzThis. It is not much to look at right now—five lame links as of this writing. But the site wants to encourage blogs and… Read More

  • Topicfire Sets Hot Coffee News Ablaze In Realtime (And Other Topics Too)

    If you’re interested in finding hot news on the web it’s not too hard — provided the topic is technology. Twitter, Tweetmeme, Techmeme, Digg, and the like all offer up a mixture of what’s hot in technology with varying degrees of success. But for other topics, it’s not so easy. That’s why Topicfire was built. Topicfire is what co-founder Ryan Sit calls a… Read More

  • Screening The News

    Editor’s note: Today, being a news junkie requires not just the ability to keep up with hundreds of breaking stories a day, but the ability to redistribute those stories to your followers and news sites. To get some insight into the modern news junkie, we asked Mrinal Desai to share with us how he screens the news in the guest post below. Desai is the co-founder of CrossLoop, but some… Read More

  • With New Staff In Place, Techmeme Polishes Its Mobile Experience

    If you’re addicted to Techmeme, like we are, you’re probably addicted to reading it on your mobile phone too. The problem is that the experience hasn’t been great. There was a mobile version of the site, called Mini-Techmeme, but no one seemed to know about it. More importantly, it didn’t give the full Techmeme experience because it didn’t include discussion items. Read More

  • Engadget Teases. Techmeme Responds. TechCrunch Ridicules.

    This message currently graces every page on Engadget. Not sure what they’re up to, but it’s promised to be “awesome awesome stuff,” editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky tweets. In fact, beyond the in your face teaser promising that, “What’s next is coming now. Stay close.”, Topolsky has been tweeting teasers all night. So Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera decided… Read More

  • Techmeme Doubles Down On Its Staff

    About a year ago, tech news aggregator Techmeme hired Megan McCarthy as its first dedicated human editor. Founder Gabe Rivera clearly liked the idea; he’s now added three more, doubling the size of the staff. Rich DeMuro (formerly of CNET), Lidija Davis (formerly of ReadWriteWeb) and Mahendra Palsule (a former IT project manager) all join McCarthy to make up the editorial staff for Techmeme. Read More

  • The Media Bundle Is Dead, Long Live The News Aggregators

    Here we go again. The newspaper industry is blaming online news aggregators for its dwindling profits and inability to adapt to a world of links and truly-free flowing information. (They like it when information flows freely into their pages, but not so much when it flows out). On Thursday, paidContent ran an essay by media consultant Arnon Mishkin called “The Fallacy Of The Link… Read More

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