The outside advantage that your investor may be interested in

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Register for this TechCrunch Live right here. The show broadcasts live today, Wednesday, April 26 at 12 p.m. PDT. Sam Chaudhary takes his time. The founder of ClassDojo, an edtech consumer app that fo

Hear ClassDojo and SignalFire unpack edtech’s opportunity ahead on TechCrunch Live

Sam Chaudhary takes his time. The founder of ClassDojo, an edtech consumer app that focuses on student classrooms, spent eight years building the company before introducing a formal revenue model. All

Tired of ‘Zoom University’? So is edtech

The rise of “Zoom University” was only possible because edtech wasn’t ready to address the biggest opportunity of the past year: remote learning at scale. Of course, the term encapsulate

Why calendar invites are worth $3B

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ClassDojo’s second act comes with first profits

ClassDojo’s first eight years as an edtech consumer startup could look like failure: zero revenue; no paid users; and a team that hasn’t aggressively grown in years. But the company, which helps p

SignalFire, just six years old, has raised $500 million across two new funds

SignalFire, a six-year-old, San Francisco-based venture firm that prides itself on mining what it says is more actionable data about, well, the world, has just raised a pair of funds that total $500 m

ClassDojo, an app to help teachers and parents communicate better, raises $35M

Messaging apps have become the de facto way that many people today keep in regular contact with each other, and that trend has also found its way into the classroom. ClassDojo, a startup that has buil

The broken edtech ecosystem investors once avoided is changing

Previously considered risky investments, it’s true that many edtech startups -- commonly founded by "teacherpreneurs" hell bent on mending education through tech innovation -- either tank or fail to

ClassDojo raises $21 million for app to make parent-teacher meetings obsolete

ClassDojo has raised $21 million in a Series B round of venture funding for tech that connects educators to students’ parents, and helps them communicate consistently about student’s activities, s

Classkick Raises $1.7 Million To Tackle The Student Achievement Gap

Classkick, an edtech startup out of Chicago, has raised $1.7 million to help teachers narrow the achievement gap with its student learning app. The seed round came from Kapor Capital, Mitch and Fr

Classroom Behavior Platform ClassDojo Adds Full Website Functionality To Its Mobile App

ClassDojo, software for tracking classroom behavior and incentivizing students, has updated its mobile app to allow teachers to access all the desktop features from a mobile device. Now teachers can u

ClassDojo Lands $1.6M From Paul Graham, Ron Conway To Help Teachers Control Their Classrooms

Sam Chuadhary and Liam Don launched ClassDojo in August 2011 to help teachers win back control of their disruptive classrooms. The free service allowed teachers to leverage their mobile or desktop tec