London’s iconic black cabs can soon be hailed on Uber

Uber has secured another win over the struggling taxi industry. Soon, riders in London will be able to hail an iconic black cab in the city. London cabbies can now start signing up for Uber trip refer

Uber takes steps to combat unfair driver deactivations

Uber is introducing new features geared toward addressing the issues of unfair deactivations that ride-hail and delivery drivers often face. Starting Monday across the U.S., Uber will roll out a techn

Lyft picks comfort over sharing in bid to compete with Uber

Lyft is introducing a “more affordable sort of higher-end ride” in an attempt to offer ride-hail products that customers actually want, CEO David Risher said Wednesday during the company&#

Lyft’s price war with Uber yields mixed results

Lyft’s strategy of slashing ride-hail fares to compete with Uber has resulted in slow and steady gains for the company, but competition remains fierce.  According to Lyft’s third-quarter earnings

Uber’s Q3 numbers include impressive profitability gains, slower-than-expected growth

The former startup darling's results can be viewed as an indication that its business model has matured and is now in a stable, profitable and cash-generating position.

Uber and Lyft pay $328M to settle wage-theft complaints in New York

Uber and Lyft have agreed to pay drivers in New York a combined $328 million to settle wage-theft complaints. The settlement is the result of state attorney general Letitia James’ investigation

Waymo driverless vehicles are now available through Uber, starting first in Phoenix

Phoenix-area Uber users can now hail a Waymo driverless vehicle. The two companies today announced the launch of the joint service, which we first reported in May 2023. To use the service, Uber users

Uber sexual assault survivors call for in-car cameras, tech upgrades

Hundreds of women have filed lawsuits against Uber claiming the company hasn’t done enough to prevent instances of sexual assault by drivers. Now a panel of judges has ruled that more than 80 cases

Uber couriers will now drop your package off at the post office

Uber is expanding its peer-to-peer package delivery service, Uber Connect. Now customers who don’t want to schlep a package to the post office can request an Uber courier to do it for them with

Judge upholds $18 minimum pay for NYC delivery workers

In a blow to Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub, a New York judge on Thursday ruled to allow the implementation of the minimum pay rate of $18 per hour for New York City’s food delivery workers. The del

Uber is getting tighter with taxi companies

When Uber launched its ride-hailing service, the company was more pariah than partner to the taxi industry. Some 12 years later, it seems to be the latter. Uber announced Tuesday a multiyear partnersh

Navigating public-private partnerships with Uber, Cruise, and the mayor of Atlanta

Tech companies say they will help cities reach their ambitious decarbonization goals, but increasing public trust and working closely with government partners is key.

Uber Eats to launch Google-powered chatbot in late 2023

Uber's AI chatbot will help users find restaurant deals and reorder favorites on the app. Available in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada.

The question of gig worker status in Massachusetts is back on

A year ago, a Massachusetts court ruled to throw out a 2022 proposed ballot measure that sought to define gig workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Now it appears that proposal is

Uber Eats is reportedly developing an AI chatbot that will offer recommendations, speed up ordering

Uber Eats is developing an AI-powered chatbot that will offer recommendations to users and offer them a quicker way to place orders, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The report says developer

Uber, squeezed by insurance, increases minimum age for new drivers in California

Uber has raised the minimum age requirement for new rides-hailing drivers in California to 25 years old due to what it described as “baselessly higher” commercial insurance costs in the st

Uber, Nvidia-backed delivery robot startup Serve Robotics to go public

Serve Robotics, the autonomous sidewalk delivery robot startup that spun out of Uber’s acquisition of Postmates, is going public via a reverse merger with a blank-check company. The reverse merg

Uber reports first quarterly operating profit in Q2 2023 results

Uber has reported an operating profit during a fiscal quarter for the first time in its history. The company reported its second-quarter earnings for 2023 [PDF] on Tuesday morning, which included a ne

NYC gig workers need help accessing safe e-bikes amid lithium battery fires

The sight of bike delivery workers hustling through the streets of New York — oven mitts duct-taped to their handlebars, insulated pizza delivery bags strapped above the back tire — has be

Domino’s strikes deal to list its menu on Uber Eats and Postmates in the US

Domino’s, the world’s largest pizza company in terms of sales and stores, has entered an agreement with Uber to list its menu on Uber Eats and Postmates. The deal indicates that Domino’s is
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