California court upholds Prop 22 in win for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash

A California appeals court on Monday reversed a lower-court ruling that found Proposition 22, the ballot measure passed in November 2020 that classified Uber and Lyft drivers as independent contractor

Uber is coming for Instacart

Uber has rolled out updates to its Shop and Pay feature that address three of the most commonly raised courier issues: out of stock items, digital payments and order clarity before accepting a trip. T

Pitch Deck Teardown: Uber’s $200K pre-seed deck from 2008

The Uber deck has been floating around the internet for a while. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and see what Uber got right — and where it made some spectacularly silly mistakes.

Motional opens Las Vegas robotaxi service to nighttime hours

Autonomous vehicle technology company Motional is moving one step closer to its goal of removing the safety driver from robotaxi operations by expanding its service in Las Vegas to nighttime rides. Pa

Uber redesigns app for simpler, more personalized experience

Uber is releasing an updated version of its app that aims to simplify and personalize the experience for customers. The new app has a more straightforward homescreen that removes the friction of a few

Lyft is charging riders wait time fees — but drivers aren’t reaping the rewards

Lyft finally started charging riders wait time fees in December, but drivers are complaining those fees aren’t making it into their wallets. At least, not yet. Lyft’s wait time fees, or th

New Zealand Uber drivers begin collective bargaining for first time

Uber drivers in New Zealand will be pushing for better pay and working conditions through their first-ever collective agreement with the company. Earlier this week, national trade union First Union in

Here are the tech industry’s 2023 Super Bowl commercials, with noticeably less crypto

At Super Bowl LVII, the Kansas City Chiefs referees emerged victorious over the Philadelphia Eagles. But maybe the real winner was us, the viewers, who did not have to sit through a bunch of crypto ad

Uber and Lyft earnings diverge, a self-driving truck roadblock emerges and Redwood Materials lands a big one

No lengthy lead-in this week. There is simply too much to recap. So let's get right to it this week. Onward!

Uber is integrating its driver app with Apple CarPlay

Uber drivers who have an iPhone will soon be able to use the Uber app directly from their car’s dashboard while using Apple’s CarPlay, according to an email sent to drivers and viewed by T

Uber Eats now shows you how much of your information is shared with delivery people

Uber Eats is introducing a new feature that shows users how much of their personal information is shared with their delivery person when they place an order on the app. The feature, which is called &#

India’s gig economy drivers face bust in the country’s digital boom

Suneeta Kohli, a female Uber driver in New Delhi, had her account suddenly disabled one evening while she was en route to pick up a rider in a southern part of the capital city. “I was reaching

Lyft adds wait-time fees, nearly seven years after Uber

Lyft has introduced wait-time fees — in other words, charges incurred if a Lyft driver has to wait for you upon pickup. The rideshare platform hasn’t had these previously, despite its main

In race to electrify, Uber wants EVs that sacrifice top speeds, wheels

The clock is ticking for Uber to electrify its fleet, and the rideshare company wants automakers to help by designing cheaper electric vehicles for its drivers. Lawmakers are setting deadlines for rid

Uber, Bolt drivers hope for increased earnings foiled as Tanzania reinstates 25% commission

Barely a year after Tanzania capped the commissions that e-hailing firms like Uber and Bolt charge their partners at 15%, the authority in charge has backtracked on the order, taking away drivers&#821

Uber drivers in Europe gain access to Tesla, Polestar and other EVs through Hertz

Uber has expanded an agreement with Hertz to get thousands of ride-hailing drivers behind the wheel of an electric car — this time in Europe. The two companies announced that Hertz will make up to 2

The transportation stories that drove 2022

2022 was the kind of year that made us think, “What a time to be alive and reporting on transportation.” This year was absolutely dominated by conversations around the realities of bringing self-d

Uber and Amazon blasted for poor working conditions for gig workers in India

Research firm Fairwork India blasted Ola, Uber, Dunzo, PharmEasy and Amazon Flex in a report Tuesday, saying the firms scored zero in its assessment of whether they created fair conditions for their g

The battle over gig worker status is heating up

The fight over whether gig workers are independent contractors or employees has been heating up this week on both state and federal levels. The stakes? A once disruptive business model could soon be d

Uber’s food delivery platform agrees to pay severance to couriers let go ahead of Spain’s Riders law

Uber’s delivery business in Spain has settled with local labor unions which were challenging its dismissal of more than 4,000 riders in August last year ahead of a labor law reform coming into f
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