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Forget sourdough, these sisters are launching a starter to create authentic Asian food

For immigrants in the United States, representation can feel complex, celebrated and oftentimes a mix of the two. And that’s exactly why sister duo Vanessa and Kim Pham launched Omsom, a seed-st

Lyft unveils second annual diversity report

Lyft has released its second annual diversity report outlining the gender and racial breakdown of its 4,000-person workforce. At a glance, little has changed from last year’s report, which was

Girls Who Code brings in $1M from Lyft rider donations

Girls Who Code, an organization focused on closing the gender gap in tech, has raised $1 million from Lyft riders since the ride-hailing company added the non-profit organization to its Round Up & Don

Girls Who Code gets a Disney Imagineering boost

The room is a raw warehouse space that is partitioned off with curtains, hiding the bulk of it from view. I’m at the back of a group of girls who is nervously dropping its phones into a plastic box

Please let The Friendship Code and its tech-savvy girls be the new Baby-Sitters Club

Okay, full disclosure, I never read any Baby-Sitters Club book. But you know what I'm talking about, right? We all had some endless series we read where a few kids just like us navigated the vicissitu

Black Girls Code says it turned down $125,000 from Uber

Uber seems to be looking to make amends to the tech industry in light of its tumultuous year that kicked off with former engineer Susan Fowler's allegations of sexual harassment and management issues

Uber gives $1.2 million to Girls Who Code

Uber is giving a $1.2 million grant to Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in tech, as part of a multi-year partnership. As part of the collaboration, Uber&#821

GM partners with Girls Who Code with $250K grant for after-school activities

GM is teaming up with Girls Who Code (GWC), the national no-profit seeking to help close the gender gap in STEM education and professional fields. The partnership will see GM provide a $250,000 grant

Winning the race to the digital economy by cracking the code on the gender gap

We are faced with a huge gender imbalance in technology that is only getting worse. Today, just 24 percent of the U.S. computing workforce is female. New research from Accenture and Girls Who Code est

How generation Z females could be the answer to tech’s gender diversity problem

While the biggest names in tech strive to close the gender gap and build more inclusive working environments, the pool of talent on offer is predominantly male. The truth is, while retention is an iss

Girls Who Code Makes Its Way Into A Mobile Game

A major factor that deters girls from pursuing computer science is the perception that coders are mostly white and male, according to a recent Google-commissioned Gallup survey. That’s why non-p

StudySpots Helps Students Escape The Campus Bubble

I wish StudySpots had been around when I was a college student. I’d spend hours hunched over books and my laptop in my dorm room or the same cubicle at the library, accumulating a layer of grime and

These Tween Girls Created An Android App For The Blind

A group of six grade school girls in Los Fresnos, Texas took it upon themselves to solve a problem for blind kids. They built an app for them. The app, Hello Navi, first came from the imagination of