Clones, Clones Everywhere – “1024,” “2048” And Other Copies Of Popular Paid Game “Threes” Fill The App Stores

Though the "Flappy Bird" craze may be winding down -- currently, there's only one "Flappy Bird" knock-off in the top 20 on the iTunes App Store -- the longer-lasting effects of the viral game and all

Threes Comes To Android, And I’m Not Just Using This To Tell You My Top Score Is 10,125

Threes, the number matching game that’s part Sudoku and part Bejeweled (or Candy Crush Saga for the young folk) is now on Android. You may not think this is a big deal, if you’ve never pla


Good things come in Threes, and it's both maddening and enthralling. I'm talking about the new iOS mobile game from developer Sirvo, which combines Sudoku-like puzzle mechanics with Candy Crush-style