Lyft picks comfort over sharing in bid to compete with Uber

Lyft is introducing a “more affordable sort of higher-end ride” in an attempt to offer ride-hail products that customers actually want, CEO David Risher said Wednesday during the company&#

Lyft’s price war with Uber yields mixed results

Lyft’s strategy of slashing ride-hail fares to compete with Uber has resulted in slow and steady gains for the company, but competition remains fierce.  According to Lyft’s third-quarter earnings

Uber and Lyft pay $328M to settle wage-theft complaints in New York

Uber and Lyft have agreed to pay drivers in New York a combined $328 million to settle wage-theft complaints. The settlement is the result of state attorney general Letitia James’ investigation

Lyft to pay $10M fine to SEC for failure to disclose board member’s role in pre-IPO share sale

Lyft has agreed to pay a $10 million fine over a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charge that the ride-hailing company failed to disclose a board director’s role in the sale of $424 milli

Lyft’s newest feature could convince more women to drive for the ride-hailing app

Lyft rolled out a new feature Tuesday in five U.S. cities, including Chicago and San Francisco, that lets women and nonbinary drivers set a preference for picking up only women riders. The preference

The question of gig worker status in Massachusetts is back on

A year ago, a Massachusetts court ruled to throw out a 2022 proposed ballot measure that sought to define gig workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Now it appears that proposal is

Uber, squeezed by insurance, increases minimum age for new drivers in California

Uber has raised the minimum age requirement for new rides-hailing drivers in California to 25 years old due to what it described as “baselessly higher” commercial insurance costs in the st

Lyft takes a page from Uber’s playbook: Ads

Ride-hailing giant Lyft will start displaying ads in-app, as well as via in-car tablets, rooftops and bikeshare stations. “Lyft has a captive audience throughout their entire ride journey – wa

Lyft wants to kill surge pricing

Lyft has been cutting fares in order to secure more riders, and it’s working. But that success has come with a (literal) cost. The ride-hail company reported Tuesday during its second quarter 20

Lyft shares pop, then plop, as it predicts slow and steady growth

Lyft made less money per active rider in the second quarter — something that might normally give investors pause. Yet, the ride-hailing giant’s stock price initially rocketed nearly 14% in aft

Lyft co-founder Logan Green retains board seat despite shareholder opposition

Logan Green, the co-founder and former CEO of ride-hailing platform Lyft, will remain on the company’s board despite opposition from some shareholders, according to preliminary results from the

Gig workers in California to receive millions for unpaid vehicle expenses

Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other app-based ride-hail and delivery companies will have to reimburse California gig workers potentially millions of dollars for unpaid vehicle expenses between 2022 and 202

Tepid investor reaction clouds Lyft’s new strategy

This Friday morning we’re parsing Lyft’s Q1 results and Q2 guidance, the latter of which we’ll place in context of its strategic choices moving forward.

Lyft shares tumble as investors react to dim outlook

Lyft shares tanked as much as 12% moments after the company reported first-quarter earnings as investors placed more weight on a dim outlook and lower quarter-over-quarter revenue than other financial

Lyft layoffs arrive, GM kills off the Chevy Bolt and Tesla makes a ‘deep fake’ defense

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Lyft layoffs to affect 26% of workforce

Lyft said Thursday it will cut 26% of its workforce, or about 1,072 people, as part of a restructuring plan aimed at rebuilding its core ride-hailing product and boosting profits. The company also sai

Honey, I shrunk the revenue multiple

It's worth remembering that the difference between an actual software company and a company that offers a service via software is often massive and tough to overcome.

Lyft to make ‘significant’ cuts across ride-hailing company

Lyft’s newly appointed CEO David Risher told employees in an email Friday that the company is significantly reducing its workforce as part of a restructuring effort. Risher said the restructurin

Washington Uber and Lyft drivers win paid family and medical leave

Washington’s Senate unanimously passed a bill this week that would make the state the first in the nation to grant ride-hail drivers the right to paid family and medical leave. The bill, HB 1570

Lyft relaunches EV service, starting with business travelers

Lyft is relaunching a feature that will allow riders to request an electric or hybrid vehicle for their next pickup. The service, Lyft Green, will initially only be available to business travelers in
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