• Developing a global financial architecture Crunch Network

    Developing a global financial architecture

    The movement of capital around the globe is of paramount importance to an increasingly globalized society. As companies, workers and jobs become more fluid across permeable borders, it will become increasingly necessary to move money freely without arduous costs or constraints. Yet no comprehensive solution exists today that resolves the issues damming the flow of capital across borders. Read More

  • Tilt dives into one-to-one payments

    Tilt dives into one-to-one payments

    Here’s a sentence you might not have expected to read: a service built around crowdfunding is building in a one-to-one payments option in what might be one of the most increasingly crowded spaces in the U.S. That’s what Tilt, an app geared toward crowdfunding events like parties or travel plans, is hoping will make its service even more sticky and a one-stop destination for… Read More

  • Navigating mobile content with app streaming Crunch Network

    Navigating mobile content with app streaming

    People are very comfortable streaming movies, TV, music, video games and more. However, the idea of streaming apps on mobile devices, for better or worse, has lagged far behind. Increasingly, however, people are becoming sick of downloading apps; they want content and services instantly. App streaming is relatively new, but has the potential to transform how we engage with mobile content. Read More

  • You can now use Venmo to pay for things inside other apps

    You can now use Venmo to pay for things inside other apps

    In January Venmo announced that users will soon be able to use Venmo to pay inside other apps, similar to how most e-commerce apps already offer PayPal or Apple Pay as payment options. And now (well, technically tomorrow) the feature is leaving beta and will be available to all Venmo users. The feature will make it easy for anyone with Venmo to quickly pay in other apps. Users will first… Read More

  • “Clean Diesel” agency spams Venmo customers for charity donations

    “Clean Diesel” agency spams Venmo customers for charity donations

    The WaterIsLife charity discovered a Venmo loophole, enabling it to blast its message to a thousand unsuspecting people earlier this week. By sending $0.01 to folks who were appearing in the Venmo feed, it was able to advertise the charity to hundreds of people. Their shitty marketing stunt kicks open the floodgate for yet another channel of spam coming at you from all sides. Yay. Read More

  • PayPal makes money every time you use Uber, Airbnb

    PayPal has been going through some big changes since separating from eBay last year. The company recently introduced a redesigned app and is now monetizing its popular peer-to-peer payments app, Venmo. Already with 18 million users, PayPal is expanding its One Touch checkout to 120 new countries. Read More

  • Venmo Halts New Developer Access To Its API

    Venmo Halts New Developer Access To Its API

    This is not how you run a platform. Developers remember. Pull the rug out from under them once, and they’ll be reluctant to stand with you in the future. So despite having a record-setting January with $1 billion transferred in its peer-to-peer payments app, Venmo just shot itself in the foot. After six years of providing an API for developers to build experiences atop its money… Read More

  • Venmo Opens Its Payment Service To Third-Party Apps

    Venmo Opens Its Payment Service To Third-Party Apps

    Venmo, the peer-to-peer payment service owned by PayPal, has now become a payment platform after it opened up to third-party apps and services. Read More

  • Apple May Launch Venmo Competitor

    Apple May Launch Venmo Competitor

    Apple is in talks with banks to launch a mobile payments service, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The product would compete with Venmo, the mobile peer-to-peer service from PayPal. The platform, which could be launched as soon as 2016, would link bank accounts with Apple devices. Users could instantly transfer money from one person’s checking account to… Read More