• 27 Billion Queries Served: OpenDNS Sees Record Traffic

    I personally love OpenDNS, at least as much as you can love a DNS service. It offers a number of admin features that are usually reserved for bigger and badder ISPs and the service is free, fast, and fun (not really, but I liked the alliteration). If you’ve never used it, it essentially replaces your current ISPs Domain Name Server which is like the Internet’s phone book. To use… Read More

  • OpenDNS wants to help you remind your boss about SysAdmin Appreciation Day

    System Administrator Appreciation Day is July 30. OpenDNS wants to make sure that you sysadmins get the recognition you deserve. That’s why they ran the SysAdmin of the Year contest. And now they want to remind your boss to say “thank you” to you on your special day. Read More

  • OpenDNS celebrates SysAdmin Appreciation Month with a contest for SysAdmin of the Year

    I’m on paternity leave for a bit, so I’m not doing any of my normal sysadmin stuff. But there are countless sysadmins still out there working hard to make sure that your systems and networks just work. The curse of the sysadmin is that the better you do your job, the less anyone really knows what it is you do. July is System Administrator Appreciation Month, which is a marked… Read More

  • OpenDNS Now Serves 1% Of The Internet (That's A Big Number)

    When you think of one percent of something, it’s usually not a very big number. But in some cases it is. Like when you’re talking about all of the users of the Internet in the world. Today, OpenDNS is announcing that over one percent of the world’s Internet users are using its services. It’s the first DNS provider to hit such a milestone, and it means that over 18… Read More

  • Namebench: Google's 20% Project To Find The Fastest DNS Server

    When Google launched its own DNS service last month, one of the main stated goals behind the project was speed. The problem is that most Internet users have no idea what a DNS server is, let alone how to configure one, or test how fast it is. But one Googler has taken it upon himself to create an easy tool for testing DNS and recommending what you use with his 20% time. Thomas Stromberg, a… Read More

  • Google Gets Into The DNS Business. Here's What That Means

    Google just announced Google Public DNS, a new service that lets consumers use Google as their DNS service provider. The benefits to users are a theoretically faster and more stable browsing experience, and some additional security against malware type sites. The benefit to Google – tons more data, and some potential revenue. Here are the basic instructions on how to use it (and Google… Read More

  • Netgear and OpenDNS to filter traffic, replace parents

    I’m guessing that a lot of households utilize filters on computers to, well, keep the kiddies away from, you know, the Internet sites you look at. Netgear and OpenDNS aim to take that task away from the individual computer and start filtering at the router. That way, every device connected to the Internet through that router – including iPod touches, game consoles, and every… Read More

  • Downside Of OpenDNS: It Can Extend Website Outages

    Hosting provider SoftLayer was partially taken down this morning from a DDOS attack, and several well known websites, including TechMeme and TwitPic, went down with it. The problem at SoftLayer was resolved, but some users of OpenDNS, a DNS service provider that is becoming more and more popular, still can’t reach those websites. The reason? OpenDNS caches IP addresses for domain names on… Read More

  • OpenDNS Makes $20k/day Filtering Phishing And Porn Sites

    OpenDNS, a San Francisco based startup founded by Minor Ventures and David Ulevitch, first launched in mid-2006 as a free tool to speed up web surfing and protect users from phishing and other malware sites. OpenDNS isn’t exactly a sexy service. Users have to do some basic configuration of their computer to get it going, and once it’s running they rarely see it again. Here’s… Read More

  • Why oh why does OpenDNS keep telling me Facebook is 'down'? It's not!

    For whatever nerdy reason I switched over to OpenDNS about a month ago. Actually, no. The reason was because I was tired of seeing that stupid Time Warner Road Runner every time I mistyped a URL or whatever. Well now OpenDNS refuses to load several pages, including CrunchGear and Facebook. What gives? I go to the main site and it says everything is up and running, yet I try to visit the… Read More

  • Phishing For Facebook

    I’m not sure what the bad guys want with a bunch of Facebook user account credentials, but phishing scams seem to be hitting the site. Scott Fish notes that some users are seeing Wall posts that contain links to phishing sites to gather Facebook credentials. An example message is: lol i cant believe these pics got posted….its going to be BADDDD when her boyfriend sees these… Read More