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HotelTonight now lets you upgrade to a suite for 50% off

Hotel Tonight just launched a new feature that lets users upgrade to suites on the cheap. If available, the option will pop up during checkout, and will always cost less than 50% of the standard upgra

5G promises to transform the world again

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Hotel Tonight launches HT Perks, their version of a hotel loyalty program

The one downside to using Hotel Tonight is that you have to forgo the loyalty points you’d normally earn from a hotel stay. That’s because almost all major hotel brands now won’t gi

The company behind Standard Hotels is launching One Night, a same-day booking app to rival Hotel Tonight

Anyone interested in the intersection of travel and technology knows that Hotel Tonight basically revolutionize the same-day hotel booking industry. Launched in 2011, Hotel Tonight’s app let yo

HotelTonight expands its in-app concierge service, Aces, to 30+ cities

Last summer we reviewed Aces, the in-app concierge service from HotelTonight. And while we enjoyed using the service, our main gripe was that it was limited to just five cities, and even there it

With another Apple failure, it’s time to forget about hardware

The lesson is this: we shouldn’t be focusing on hardware anymore. Perhaps instead we need to focus on what happens when hardware and software come together.

Overnight, The App For Booking Last-Minute Spaces With Local Hosts, Closes $2.5M Seed Round

The hospitality industry has been drastically shaken up by entrants to the space like Airbnb and Hotel Tonight. But a new startup that combines the sharing aspect of Airbnb and the last-minute booking

HotelTonight Launches Tonight +1 To Entice Guests To Stay An Extra Night

HotelTonight, the last-minute hotel booking app, just launched a new feature called Tonight +1, which lets users add a second night during check-out for an additional discount. Here’s how it wor

Hands On With HotelTonight’s New Concierge Service, Aces

HotelTonight just launched its newest product, Aces, which is an in-app chat feature connecting users with a personal travel concierge. The concierges, collectively referred to as “Aces”,

Hotel Tonight Faces An Attack Of The Last-Minute-Hotel-App Clones In Europe

There's been a rash of mobile apps offering last-minute deals on hotels, for booking on the same day. Perhaps one of the best known is HotelTonight out of the US, which has recently pushed into Europ

Watch Out SF Minibars: We Testdrive Hotel Tonight (TCTV)

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Hotel Tonight Fulfills Some of Paul Carr's Fantasies (Actually Safe for Work)

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