Spotify’s new ‘Song Psychic’ is like a Magic 8 Ball that answers your questions with music

Spotify is rolling out a new feature called Song Psychic that will allow its customers to ask Spotify questions and get answers in the form of music. The addition builds on the success of Spotify&#821

Apple reveals new details about Spotify’s business as possible EU fine nears

With the European Commission set to rule on Spotify’s complaint focused on competition in the streaming music market, there are hints that the ruling will not be in Apple’s favor. This wee

Spotify follows Meta, YouTube and others by offering AUX, a service to connect brands and creators

Facebook, Instagram, Snap, YouTube and other social networking companies offer programs to connect creators with brands, and now Spotify is doing the same. The company announced the launch of AUX, its

TikTok launches its ‘Add to Music app’ feature available in over 160 countries

TikTok announced today that it is launching its “Add to Music app” feature, which lets users add a song playing on a clip to services like Apple Music and Spotify, in 163 new countries. Th

Spotify’s layoffs put an end to a musical encyclopedia, and fans are pissed

On a brutal December day, 17% of Spotify employees found out they had been laid off in the company’s third round of job cuts last year. Not long after, music fans around the world realized that the

Spotify for Podcasters adds new integration with Riverside, sunsets some legacy podcasting tools

Spotify has announced an expanded partnership with video and podcast recording platform Riverside, and is sunsetting some of its legacy podcasting tools. The company is shutting down its web- and mobi

Actually, it’s good for Spotify that Joe Rogan’s podcast is no longer exclusive

Spotify renewed its contract with podcaster Joe Rogan this weekend, but with a twist. After almost four years, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is no longer a Spotify-exclusive podcast. This mig

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek tells investors Apple’s DMA rules are a ‘farce,’ but says there are ‘future upsides’ too

Spotify, a notable Apple critic, unsurprisingly came out swinging after Apple announced how it was complying with the EU’s new regulation, the Digital Markets Act, or DMA, calling Apple’s

Spotify now the No. 2 audiobook provider, behind Audible, hints at Daylist inspired-suggestions to come

Late last year, Spotify began offering 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening to its Premium subscribers in select markets, including the U.S. Now the company says the new service is the second-large

Spotify crosses the 600M monthly active users mark

Streaming service Spotify announced today that the service now has more than 600 million monthly active users. The company said in its Q4 2023 earnings report that it added 28 million users in the qua

Spotify’s podcast exclusive days are over as Joe Rogan’s show expands to other platforms

Controversies and PR headaches weren’t enough to dissuade Spotify from re-upping its agreement with podcaster Joe Rogan, whose show over the past couple of years drove divisions among music fans

Spotify’s new Snapchat Lens lets you capture yourself or your surroundings when sharing a song

Spotify is expanding its partnership with Snapchat to introduce a new way for users to share their favorite songs on the social app. A new “Share Track Lens” feature lets you capture the world aro

Spotify teases in-app purchases for EU iPhone users ahead of incoming DMA regulation

Spotify is gearing up to test Apple’s response to new European regulations designed to prevent so-called digital “gatekeepers” from engaging in anticompetitive practices. The music-s

Spotify’s astrology-like Daylists go viral, but the company’s micro-genre mastermind was let go last month

Is it a “fearful vocaloid wednesday morning,” a “yearning cottagecore thursday afternoon,” or perhaps a “heartbroken karaoke friday evening”? That’s up to you

EU calls for laws to force greater algorithmic transparency from music-streaming platforms

The European Parliament is calling for new rules to bring more fairness and transparency to music-streaming across the bloc, including proposals for a new bill to force streaming platforms to open up

Spotify starts ‘disinvesting’ in France in response to new music-streaming tax

Spotify is pulling support for two music festivals in protest against a controversial new tax directed at music-streaming platforms operating in France, and threatened more action will follow in the c

Spotify confirms test of prompt-based AI playlists feature

Earlier this fall, Spotify was found to be developing a new feature that would allow its streaming app users to create playlists using AI technology and prompts. Now, that “AI playlists” f

Spotify u-turns on Uruguay exit after government gives assurances on artist payments

Spotify has reversed course on a decision to exit the Uruguayan market, after gaining assurances from the government that copyright law changes it’s introducing won’t result in Spotify inc

Do you believe in job after job?

People moving on to new jobs is not a bad thing — and not only when they have been laid off. That's why it's uplifting to see employers encourage this process.

Everything you know about the podcast industry is a lie

It seems like the writing is on the soundproofed wall: The podcast boom is over, and this week’s news is evidence. Spotify laid off 17% of the company — its third round of layoffs this year — an
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