Spotify cuts 17% jobs amid rising capital costs

Spotify is eliminating about 1,500 jobs, or about 17% of its workforce, in its third round of layoffs this year as the music streaming giant looks to become “both productive and efficient.&#8221

Something’s up with Spotify Wrapped and Burlington, VT

Happy Spotify Wrapped Day! It’s that time of year again where half of your social media feed is clogged with graphics from Spotify’s annual, personalized roundup, and the other half is peo

Spotify Wrapped 2023 adds an AI DJ and Blend to the annual personalized insights

Spotify’s anticipated year-end review, Spotify Wrapped, has arrived today with several new features in store — including an analysis of your listening habits called “Me in 2023,&#822

Spotify says its upcoming royalty model changes will generate $1B for artists over five years

Spotify’s upcoming royalty model changes will generate $1 billion in five years for new and popular artists, the streaming service announced on Tuesday. As previously reported, Spotify is chang

Google admits Spotify pays no Play Store fees because of a secret deal

A Google executive said during testimony in the Epic versus Google trial that a deal with Spotify allows the audio company to bypass Play Store fees, as first reported by The Verge. Don Harrison, Goog

Instafest now lets you create a music festival poster through a playlist link

Instafest, the app which went viral last year before Spotify Wrapped was officially unveiled, now lets you create a music festival poster based on artists that you have in a particular playlist. The a

TikTok’s newest feature lets you save favorite songs directly to Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music

TikTok is teaming up with streaming music services, including Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music on a new feature that will allow users to save directly to their preferred streaming music app the s

Spotify brings 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening to Premium subscribers in the US

Roughly a month after Spotify announced that a selection of audiobooks would become a part of its Premium subscription, the company is today expanding the service to U.S. users for the first time. Sub

Spotify is launching a personalized in-app Merch Hub

Spotify is launching a dedicated in-app Merch Hub that provides personalized merch recommendations based on your listening habits, the company announced on Monday. Previously, you could purchase artis

Spotify puts restrictions on its free tier in India to attract more paid users

Spotify is restricting features for the free tier users in India in an attempt to garner more paid users in the country. These limits, coming years after the streaming service was launched in India in

Spotify spotted prepping a $19.99/mo ‘Superpremium’ service with lossless audio, AI playlists and more

It looks like Spotify’s rumored “Superpremium” offering is gearing up for a launch. According to references discovered in the Spotify app’s code by Chris Messina, the Superprem

Spotify’s new artist profiles highlight music, Stories, merch and events

Spotify today is rolling out a big change in terms of how users connect with artists on its streaming music platform. With the newly debuted artist profile pages, content has been reorganized under th

Spotify to include a selection of 150K audiobooks with its Premium subscription

Spotify today unveiled what’s next for the future of its audiobooks service. At an event hosted in its New York offices on Tuesday afternoon, the company announced a new business model where it

Spotify spotted developing AI-generated playlists created with prompts

Following the successful launch of Spotify’s AI-powered DJ feature and, more recently, added support for AI-translated podcasts, Spotify now appears to be developing another means of using AI in

Spotify launches Jam, a real-time collaborative playlist controlled by up to 32 people

Today Spotify is introducing its latest social feature, Jam, which allows multiple people to blend their own musical tastes into a combined playlist. However, the new feature, which builds on technolo

Spotify’s newest feature allows songwriters to promote their work

Spotify announced today the launch of “Songwriter Promo Cards,” a promotional tool for songwriters to highlight their songs and get discovered by new listeners and potential collaborators. Songwri

Spotify’s new Showcase tool lets artists pay to promote their music in the Home feed

Spotify this week launched a new tool called Showcase that allows artists to promote their work directly in the streaming app’s revamped Home feed introduced earlier this year. With Showcase, ar

Spotify’s latest personalized playlist, daylist, evolves with you throughout the day

Spotify is once again adding to its suite of personalized playlists with its newest offering, daylist, an ever-evolving playlist that adapts to your moods throughout the day. The new playlist will liv

Spotify strips lyrics from free tier for some users in new ‘test’

Spotify’s user base is growing faster than ever, but its paid-subscriber growth isn’t keeping pace with free listeners. That may be why it’s exploring pushing lyrics behind the paywa

Spotify founder Daniel Ek admits he initially ‘didn’t get’ the appeal of the flagship feature, Discover Weekly

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek made a surprising confession in a recent post to X (formerly Twitter), where he admits not only that he didn’t come up with the idea for Spotify’s flagshi
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