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Apple unveils the Vision Pro, iOS 17 brings new features, and WhatsApp launches Channels

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Can AI make older adults feel less lonely?

In the era of quick judgments, it's tempting to think we are more clever than anyone else. But from AI to Apple to senior tech, underestimating others comes at a risk: being seriously wrong.

Secure your startup’s future by watching the big corporations

As a startup founder, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could predict the future a little bit more than you currently do? It turns out you can: By paying close attention to what the behemoths in your sp

Deal Dive: Finally, a startup building a network for those who could benefit the most

Network-focused startups have started getting a bad rep in startup land, but 2045 is actually bringing something new to the table.

This week in foodtech: Cultivated meat is still a sizzling topic

If you’re adventurous with your food, or just like to keep up with the fast-moving foodtech industry, here’s a roundup of this week’s stories and some notable news we weren’t able to cover.

Reddit CEO doubles down on attack on Apollo developer in drama-filled AMA

Reddit’s unpopular decision to revise its API pricing in a move that’s forcing third-party apps out of business has taken a weird turn. In an AMA hosted today by Reddit co-founder and CEO

Carvana crashes back down to earth

Carvana’s big rally is now looking more like a blip on the radar. Shares in the online-car retailer soared Thursday, closing up by 56% from the prior day on news that it expected to post $50 mil

FIS acquires banking-as-a-service startup Bond

Consolidation continues apace in the world of fintech. FIS, the fintech giant that runs a wide range of payment, banking and investment services, has acquired Bond, a startup that specializes in embed

Blue owned the consumer podcast mic market – now the brand is being phased out

Blue Microphones was ahead of the game. The first Snowball was released all the way back in 2005, as the company was celebrating its 10th birthday. Within a few years, the USB mics were everywhere. Th

Teaser’s AI dating app turns you into a chatbot

A man on a dating app is telling me how much we have in common – we both love books, music and traveling. He even writes poetry, and he’d love to share some poems with me. Could be a red flag, but

Four venture capital personas (and how to land them)

Founders must understand which kind of VC investor they’re dealing with to have the best shot at closing a funding round. lays off real estate team and shutters business unit

Digital mortgage lender is exiting the real estate business. The struggling fintech startup laid off its real estate team on June 7, multiple sources confirmed to TechCrunch. The company is

Tesla’s Supercharger network will strain under the weight of GM and Ford deals

Tesla faces a difficult choice: spend big to maintain the Supercharger network’s high level of service or “optimize” the network for higher revenue.

Netflix sees jump in subs as it begins to curb password sharing in US, says report

Despite the negative responses from consumers about Netflix’s password-sharing rules, the company appears to be successful with its plan. According to a new report from research firm Antenna, Netfli

Age of AI: Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence

AI is appearing in seemingly every corner of modern life, from music and media to business and productivity, even dating. There’s so much it can be hard to keep up — so read on to find out eve

GM and Ford could help spark a charging standards war by teaming up with Tesla

Seven months ago, when Tesla announced it would share its EV charging connector design to encourage automakers to adopt the technology and help make it the new standard in North America, few, if any,

US DoJ charges two Russians for hacking crypto exchange Mt. Gox

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged two Russian nationals for hacking and causing the subsequent collapse of Mt. Gox, one of the largest and most popular crypto exchanges. In an unsealed indict

Lordstown Motors plans to sue its one-time savior Foxconn

Lordstown Motors is preparing to sue Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer once considered a savior to the beleaguered EV maker. Lordstown said Friday in a regulatory filing that it will sue Foxconn if

TechCrunch+ roundup: OKR basics, betting on Apple Vision Pro, why smooth onboarding is bad

Will the Apple Vision Pro create new opportunities in spatial computing? Jump-starting demand for a new product is hard. Unless you're Apple.

Robinhood’s decision to limit crypto trading makes good sense

Robinhood's decision to drop Solana, Polygon and Cardano simply makes sense: They're just not such a big source of revenue for it.
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