Meta adds its AI chatbot, powered by Llama 3, to the search bar across its apps

Meta’s making several big moves today to promote its AI services across its platform. The company has upgraded its AI chatbot with its newest large language model, Llama 3, and it is now running

WhatsApp is adding filters to easily find messages

For those who use WhatsApp more like an inbox, the app will now become more useful. WhatsApp on Tuesday announced a handful of new chat filters for the app to access certain types of messages easily:

Meta trials its AI chatbot across WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger in India and Africa

Meta has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing Meta AI, its large language model-powered chatbot, with WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger users in India and parts of Africa. The move signals how M

WhatsApp was down in Meta’s second big outage this year

For the second time in just over a month, Meta’s apps, including WhatsApp, and to some extent, Messenger and Instagram, faced outages and intermittent issues. While it’s rare for services

Chat app Telegram challenges Meta with the launch of new ‘Business’ features and revenue-sharing

Telegram Business introduces options like a customized start page, plus the ability to set business hours, use preset replies, greeting and away messages, chatbots, tags for chats, and more.

WhatsApp now lets you pin up to three messages in a chat

WhatsApp announced Thursday that users can now pin up to three messages in a chat to access them easily. Until now, users could pin only one message on top of a conversation with a contact or a group.

Telegram now lets users convert personal accounts to business accounts

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced Wednesday that users on the chat app with personal accounts can now convert them into business accounts by paying a monthly fee. This gives users the ability to

To comply with DMA, WhatsApp and Messenger will become interoperable via Signal protocol

Meta today is offering more details about how it plans to make its messaging apps, WhatsApp and Messenger, interoperable with third-party messaging services, as required by the new EU law, the Digital

WhatsApp now lets you search conversations by date on Android

WhatsApp announced today that it is rolling out a “search by date” function for individual and group chats on Android devices. The feature has been available on other platforms, including

WhatsApp adds formatting support for lists, block quotes and inline code

WhatsApp said today it is rolling out a number of new formatting options on the app, including bulleted lists, numbered lists, block quotes and inline code. The company said these formatting features

WhatsApp is preparing to roll out third-party chat support

A month away from the Digital Markets Act (DMA) deadline, WhatsApp is preparing to allow other messaging networks in its app. In an interview with Wired, Dick Brouwer, an engineering director at Whats

Telegram is rolling out ‘view-once’ voice and video messages

Telegram is rolling out a bunch of upgrades as part of its January feature drop including “view-once” video and audio messages, the ability to pause recording while sending a video or an a

WhatsApp launches voice updates and polls for Channels

WhatsApp is upgrading its broadcasting feature Channels with new abilities such as voice updates, polls and additional admins. The company said Channel owners can now voice updates to followers. This

PSA: Anyone can tell if you are using WhatsApp on your computer

Anyone who knows your WhatsApp number can figure out if you are only using the mobile app, or its companion web or desktop apps, a security researcher found. Tal Be’ery, the co-founder and CTO of cr

WhatsApp is rolling out an in-app tool for making custom stickers

WhatsApp announced today that it’s launching a new feature on iOS that lets users create, edit and share their own stickers. With this new feature, you can turn your photos into stickers or pers

WhatsApp now lets you pin messages in individual and group chats

WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to pin chats within one-on-one and group conversations. The company said users can pin all kinds of conversations, including text, polls, images and emojis. However

WhatsApp adds support for disappearing voice messages

While today’s bigger news from the world of Meta’s messaging apps was the rollout of end-to-end encryption in Messenger, the company is also bringing another useful feature to its WhatsApp

Meta’s AI characters are now live across its US apps, with support for Bing Search and better memory

Earlier this year, Meta introduced a set of AI characters, including those based on real-life celebs including the likes of Paris Hilton, MrBeast, Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady, Charli D’Amelio, Snoop D

Telegram spruces up its channels with new discovery and customization features

Telegram announced new features related to channels including better discovery of similar channels, emoji customization for reactions and stats for stories to compete better with WhatsApp. The Meta-ow

WhatsApp’s new ‘secret codes’ add an extra layer of privacy for your locked chats

WhatsApp is rolling out a new “secret codes” feature that adds another layer of privacy to your locked conversations on the messaging platform. The app launched locked chats earlier this y
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