New Pokémon in Sun and Moon include sad fish, surfing Raichu


Please, please let me visit the room where new Pokémon are created. I want to know exactly what was going on when the team came up with Wishiwashi, a small, sad fish that becomes a group of slightly less sad fish when it reaches a certain level. Wishiwashi is one of three entirely new Pokémon revealed today for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games for Nintendo 3DS.

The other all-new Pokémon include Pyukumuku and Morelull, one of which has an ability called “Innards out” which is also fantastic. But that’s not all we learned about the game; we also got a peek at three new variants of existing Pokémon unique to the Alola region, the setting for the upcoming Sun and Moon games.

These include a Meowth that looks chilled out and fabulous, and a Raichu that just wants to hang ten all the time on its very own tail. There’s also a Marowak (big Marowak fan right here) with a flaming supernatural double-ended skull staff.

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Finally, The Pokémon Company also gave us a look at Team Skull, the villains of the piece. There’s always some kind of ‘Team’ up to no good in Pokémon, and the Skull squad are it for this generation. They’re led by Plumeria and Guzma, who have a kind of dysfunctional mother/father dynamic with the peons underneath them. If none of this makes sense then you’re in good company. Also Team Skull Grunts have to buy their own tank tops, according to The Pokémon Company. 🤔.

Pokémon Sun and Moon arrive for the 3DS family of Nintendo mobile consoles on November 18. It’ll likely be one of the biggest Pokémon launches in the franchise’s history, thanks to Pokémon Go, so it hardly matters what absurd Pokémon this generation brings to the table. Hard to beat a floating key ring.