Nintendo 3DS

  • Boingo Offering Free Wi-Fi To Nintendo 3DS Users

    Boingo Offering Free Wi-Fi To Nintendo 3DS Users

    If you’re in a Boingo-equipped airport this holiday, be sure to whip out your Nintendo 3DS for some hot head-to-head gaming. The Wi-Fi provider will be free to 3DS users on December 8 and allow them to download games and videos and access the Nintendo Zone (spoooky) via Wi-Fi. Read More

  • Today Is Cheap Nintendo 3DS Day

    Today Is Cheap Nintendo 3DS Day

    Just a reminder: today is cheap Nintendo 3DS day and, sadly, it is the end of availability for Nintendo’s unusual “ambassador” program. The device is now available for $169 – down from its launch price of $249 – and they will be launching the 3DS in “Flame” aka “Mario” Red this September. Read More

  • Fly or Die Review of Nintendo 3DS, RockMelt and NFC Chips

    Fly or Die: The Nintendo 3DS, Rockmelt, And Mobile Wallets

    s the new Nintendo 3DS all that? Does Rockmelt have a chance? Will mobile wallets ever be adopted by real people in real stores? CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I tackle these questions in this week’s edition of Fly or Die. Watch the video to find out who our surprise guest is this time after we give our verdicts on his company’s product. The Nintendo 3DS uses simple… Read More

  • Video Hands-On With The Nintendo 3DS As part of our continuing coverage of the Nintendo 3DS I recorded a quick video overview of the device prior to our full review. Here is our initial hands-on for some further context. Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit: Headphones, Styluses & Cleaning Cloths

    A quick “this exists” for your Monday morning. It’s a Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit, from Icon. The $20 kit contains a number of items to make your 3DS-ing all the more pleasurable come March 27 when the system is released. Rumor has it you’ll find a copy of Fernando Torres’ transfer request in there! (No you won’t.) Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS May Be Crippled By 3 Hour Battery Life

    The Nintendo Japan site disclosed the official specs on the 3DS, and while overall it looks good, there is one thing that might be a deal breaker for some. Apparently, it takes a whole lot of battery life to power a 3D screen, even one the size of the 3DS. Read More

  • Nintendo: 34 Million Wii Consoles Sold In The U.S. To Date

    Nintendo this morning announced that its DS family of portable video game systems has sold more than 47 million in the United States since the original model launched in November 2004. The company also said that, according to its internal sales figures, the Wii system has gone over the counter more than 34 million times in the United States alone. Of those 34 million, roughly 21 million… Read More

  • Newspaper Report Puts Nintendo 3DS Japan Launch At November 11

    Germany’s Bild newspaper says that the Nintendo 3DS will be released in Japan on November 11. And who are we to question almighty Bild, the paper that recently asked how it’s supposed to be able to tell the difference between two different Japanese footballers? For real. Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Specs Leaked

    The Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo’s super-cool 3D handheld, will probably run a pair of ARM11 266MHz chips with 64MB RAM and a 133MHz GPU. These specs haven’t been confirmed, but IGN is pretty certain they’re accurate. Read More

  • EA calls Nintendo 3DS 'magical' & says it will sell 'like hotcakes'

    And now EA has said what we’ve all been saying: the Nintendo 3DS is quite the piece of kit. Granted, EA doesn’t used the same bit of forced Briticism that I just did, but the feelings are the same: Nintendo has a hit on its hands. It’s one that when one of us say it, but EA? Read More

  • Stung by low DS Lite sales, THQ looks to Nintendo 3DS for anti-piracy salvation

    THQ is excited about the Nintendo 3DS, but not because it may open up new gameplay possibilities. Heavens no. THQ is excited about the Nintendo 3DS because it will help forestall the effects of piracy, at least for a little while. You know what else would discourage piracy? Creating good games. Just an idea. Read More