INNOVATE2016: Silicon Valley Is A Political Issue In The 2016 Election

Why should Silicon Valley care about the 2016 election? According to Georgetown University’s Larry Downes, it’s going to be an election in which the most disruptive technologies – from the Internet of Things to drones to Bitcoin to Uber – are becoming political issues.

And so while Downes doesn’t think that most people in Washington DC necessarily “gets” these technologies, he nonetheless thinks that entrepreneurs need to maintain a keen interest in the upcoming election.

So is there anyone who gets it? According to Downes, one or two of the 2016 candidates – Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, in particular – are beginning to at least make the effort of staking out technology positions. And the rest? According to Downes,we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for Donald Trump to make a speech about spectrum or network neutrality.