To benefit all, diverse voices must take part in leading the growth and regulation of AI

As AI’s presence in our lives increases, so does the number of diverse founders leveraging it to develop positive, socially impactful services and products.

Turn headwinds into opportunity in 2024

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. It means innovating without fear of failure, stepping into the unknown, and pursuing ambitious ideas.

It’s critical to protect equity investments in minority businesses from activist organizations

Angel investors and investment groups that fund BIPOC entrepreneurs must remain committed to keeping vital early-stage capital flowing.

How web3 can have a 2024 comeback

To survive, web3 startups must expand their buyer base to brand-new markets that showcase a greater willingness to spend, invest and innovate.

Will 2024 (finally) be the year of the autonomous vehicle?

Safety remains the paramount metric for autonomous vehicle deployment, yet there has to be industry consensus on how to adequately measure a robotic or human driver's safety.

Siri needs to get a lot smarter, and quickly

Siri seems to be lagging the competition in the voice assistant department by a country mile.

The goal of a startup is to cease existing

The whole point of a startup is to build something enduring.

Crypto optimism in the age of the doomer

In the wake of centralized “crypto-in-name-only” financial collapses, 2023 bore out a recommitment to advancing sustainable decentralized networks.

Against pseudanthropy

We must take steps to keep artificial intelligence systems from behaving as if they are living, thinking peers to humans.

Startups aren’t doing as badly as you might think

A deep dive into the data from startup accounting firm Kruze Consulting shows that startups that can keep an eye on the fundamentals are in pretty decent shape.

A provocative role for technologists in product innovation

Instead of forcing a technology onto a product, the design process flows to the technologies. In this way, the technology becomes a natural solution.

a16z will give literally any politician money if they help deregulate tech

Venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz has announced its intent to begin lobbying the U.S. government, and their plan is as tone-deaf and obtuse as this summer’s dreadful “Techno-Optimi

EV sales are thriving. Here’s how the US can stay in the race

Jon McNeill, founder of venture studio DvX and vice chair of the Cruise board, weighs in on where the U.S. stands in the EV revolution.

System of intelligence — generative AI at the app layer

As generative AI shapes the next generation of application products, we can expect even more sweeping evolution.

Keep your business model simple

It appears that the allure of complex pricing models and business strategies often proves too tempting to resist.

How come founders don’t give a crap about sustainability?

If you care about equity, sustainability, parental leave — pick your poison — you have a chance to make a difference.

Fighting against AI makes me wonder what it means to be human

Art, psychology, theology and philosophy have all struggled with that question for as long as we’ve had conscious thought.

To find success as a woman founder, embrace your scrappy side

There is a wealth of information on the internet about fundraising for startups, but the existing playbooks need to be updated for women.

Veteran to visionary: What I learned in the Marines about being a fintech founder

According to the SBA, veterans are roughly 45% more likely to form their own business compared to people who haven’t served in the military.

How to leverage military experience to become a successful entrepreneur

Veterans already possess many of the skills and attributes needed to be a successful entrepreneur — including having courage.
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