How come founders don’t give a crap about sustainability?

If you care about equity, sustainability, parental leave — pick your poison — you have a chance to make a difference.

Fighting against AI makes me wonder what it means to be human

Art, psychology, theology and philosophy have all struggled with that question for as long as we’ve had conscious thought.

To find success as a woman founder, embrace your scrappy side

There is a wealth of information on the internet about fundraising for startups, but the existing playbooks need to be updated for women.

Veteran to visionary: What I learned in the Marines about being a fintech founder

According to the SBA, veterans are roughly 45% more likely to form their own business compared to people who haven’t served in the military.

How to leverage military experience to become a successful entrepreneur

Veterans already possess many of the skills and attributes needed to be a successful entrepreneur — including having courage.

AI robotics’ ‘GPT moment’ is near

Building AI-powered robots that can learn how to interact with the physical world will enhance all forms of repetitive work

With the power of AI, you can be mediocre, too

The heady, futuristic world of artificial intelligence brings us a new promise: The ability to be perfectly average.

Startups learn the hard way that relying on OpenAI’s tech can burn them

A recent update to OpenAI’s ChatGPT that allows users to upload PDFs and ask questions about them has sent ripples through the startup ecosystem.

Before you found a startup, think about your personal goals

If you're looking to make a significant difference in the world, your startup could be the vehicle that drives that change.

Your startup should solve an impossibly hard problem

Most obvious problems that have obvious solutions don’t need startups.

The urgent call for innovation and investment in maternal health

Women’s health remains one of the most underfunded, under-researched, and underserved areas of investment and study.

Spam is about to get even more terrible

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it's becoming more adept at generating human-like text.

As a climate tech investor, unit economics is the only thing I care about

We must focus on disruption and innovation in industry sectors with the greatest capacity to make progress on decarbonization.

The fight for venture equality heads to court

Equity won't come just via a gesture of goodwill; it now must be ratified in the courts.

Why we must teach AI to empathize with us

As we integrate AI into various aspects of our lives, from customer service to healthcare and beyond, it becomes imperative that AI systems align with our values and needs.

Anti-immigration policy is killing European tech

Governments need to create environments where founders and their teams can imagine building lasting and successful businesses.

The NVCA Model Legal Documents reach legal drinking age: A retrospective

Let’s take this occasion to raise a glass to a great idea that took only two decades to triumph, and examine the knock-on effects of that great idea.

Consistent policy is key to unlocking the climate tech boom, but the UK’s U-turn isn’t helping

For entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses to thrive and unlock the economic potential that comes from creating new industries, we need a consistent approach from the government.

For the CHIPS Act to pay off, the US needs a historic investment in memory production

Semiconductor memory is foundational to our nation’s technical leadership and yet is more at risk than ever.

Women and underrepresented founders aren’t going to wait for the VC industry to transform itself

You will only have one shot to impress your future financial backers — make sure you are confident and ready.
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