Turncoat drone story shows why we should fear people, not AIs

A story about a simulated drone turning on its operator in order to kill more efficiently is making the rounds so fast today that there’s no point in hoping it’ll burn itself out. Instead

Startups should absolutely work with governments to support defense projects

Startups and active investors are uniquely positioned to support the defense efforts of the West and the mission to keep our societies safe.

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a bot

We may be so comprehensively copulated at this moment in time, that digging our way out might prove impossible. Brew a cup of coffee and take a breath; this isn't going to be pretty.

The other DWI: Driving while immersed

I believe that putting virtual reality headsets in cars will kill people. VR is the most distracting medium ever invented.

The government can’t seize your data — but it can buy it

Congress needs to ban the government from buying up sensitive geolocation data entirely — not just preventing its seizure.

Unlocking the trillion-dollar female economy

Women should no longer be thought of as a niche. In fact, they’re one of the most significant growth markets we’ve ever seen.

Procedural justice can address generative AI’s trust/legitimacy problem

Companies building AI platforms can engage society in the process and earn — not demand — trust and legitimacy.

US tech policy must keep pace with AI innovation

Today, leaders of technology businesses and the United States government are coming together to map out a unified vision for responsible AI.

An open letter to tech workers about careers in public service

Tech workers who have been laid off possess a lot of highly skilled talent that's poised to take steps in new directions.

Google and OpenAI are Walmarts besieged by fruit stands

OpenAI may be synonymous with machine learning now and Google is doing its best to pick itself up off the floor, but both may soon face a new threat: rapidly multiplying open source projects that push

‘Buy American’ shouldn’t block our progress toward ‘Internet for All’

The Biden administration should guard against the unintended consequences of the “Buy American” ideal and keep its eye on the prize.

Why the startup sector should keep its eye on the SEC

Three key areas of proposed intervention by the SEC offer examples of why the venture community should be paying attention:

Don’t leave developers behind in the Section 230 debate

Policymakers should recognize the critical role of developers and work to support them not stifle innovation.

Bing around and find out

Microsoft’s new and improved Bing, powered by a custom version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has experienced a dizzyingly quick reversal: from “next big thing” to “brand-sinking a

MrBeast’s blindness video puts systemic ableism on display

Recently, megastar creator MrBeast posted a video to his YouTube in which he spotlights numerous blind and visually impaired people who have undergone a surgical procedure that “cures” their blind

Google is losing control

Google is flailing. After years of singleminded worship of the false god Virtual Assistant, the company is rushing its AI strategy as its competitors join their hands and raise their pitchforks. The i

Don’t be sucked in by AI’s head-spinning hype cycles

The last year was a roller-coaster ride in the AI world, and no doubt many people are dizzied by the number of advances and reversals, the constant hype and equally constant fearmongering. But let&#82

VALL-E’s quickie voice deepfakes should worry you, if you weren’t worried already

The emergence in the last week of a particularly effective voice synthesis machine learning model called VALL-E has prompted a new wave of concern over the possibility of deepfake voices made quick an

There is no ‘Next Twitter,’ and that’s OK

As the future wreckage of Twitter skywrites a tale of hubris across the sky, many have chosen — or had the choice made for them — to direct their gaze instead at the horizon, in hopes of seeing so

Developer platforms are all about trust, and Twitter lost it

Let this be my personal notice to Twitter developers: The team is gone; the investment has been undone.
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